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Why Are There Free Contact Lenses?

Good question! Why would companies give anything away for free?

Easy Answer: What contact lens manufacturers have found is that if they can give away free contacts samples or trials and get you to try them, you will be more likely to buy their brand and products. How do you know if you don’t try them, right?

This system must be working well because all the major contact lens brands are offering free contact lenses. They continue to do it. They’re advertised somewhat on TV (Acuvue is the main one doing it there) and you see some ads in magazines but these companies seem to be mainly spending their money on free sample contacts on the Internet. That only makes sense because it’s easy to click over to their website and get the lenses there (we’ll get into that in a minute).

How You Get Free Contact Lenses?

Ok, here’s the good part – how to get the contacts for free.

On our website, we explain that you need to go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers, fill out the forms there and then download and print the forms. Once you do that, you can take them to your eye exam and have the eye doctor order them for you.

You can do that. It’s a valid way to get free contacts but the truth is, you don’t have to go through all of that – in most cases. We don’t really mention this on our website – we’re giving you this info here.

You can really just go to your eye exam without these forms and your eye doctor can get you free sample contact lenses right there. More and more, local doctors are keeping contact lenses in stock and they can sometimes even hand them out right there. Exceptions to this would be if you have an uncommon contact lens prescription or want bi-focal contact lenses or if you have astigmatism. Those would have to be ordered and then they are mailed to you.

The reason why contact lens companies have forms on their websites for you to fill out is that they want your address and information for marketing purposes – so that they can mail you and email you stuff.

There are some benefits to getting on those lists, though. They really don’t seem to spam you to death and you can be made aware of new kinds of contact lenses that come out or they might even mail you special offers or deals. So it’s really not that bad of a thing.

To sum up, there are two main ways for you to get yourself a pair of free contact lenses:

Fill out the forms online – go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers (we’ve provided this list to you near the end of this section) and fill out the forms online. Print out what they give you and then take that with you to your eye doctor appointment.

Ask you eye doctor for them – just make an appointment and then ask the eye doctor for contact lenses from all the different manufacturers they carry. If they can’t get them to you right them (if they are not in stock), then they can easily order them for you and then they will arrive in the mail.

That’s it – pretty simple!

What if You Have Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is when your eyes are shaped more like footballs than how they’re supposed to be shaped, which is like baseballs. What this does is change how your eyes focus, especially during low-light conditions. The contact lenses you need are called toric lenses. What they do is have small weights on the bottom, which get the lenses to line up correctly when they sit in your eyes.

If you get this kind of contacts, you will work with your eye doctor to get the settings correctly and you will most likely go through several trial sets of lenses. You should still, however, be able to order free contact lenses of different brands if your astigmatism is not too extreme.

Eye Exams and Preparation

To get your free contact lenses, like we said, you will have to visit a local eye doctor. This is for a few reasons:

  • It’s probably the law where you live.
  • It’s a good idea to get your eyes checked out professionally.
  • How are you going to get them in the prescription you need without an eye exam?

You do have to pay for the exam, it’s not free. The local doctor has to get paid and Acuvue or any other company isn’t going to pay that for you. The good thing is that you only need to see the doctor once and you can free sample contact lenses from as many brands as you want.

Eye Exam Cost

The exam will cost you anywhere from $80 to $100 or so. I’ve found that some of the best places to go are local department stores that have optical departments. I’ve used both Sears and JC Penny. I liked one doctor at Sears but then she started her own practice. The guy that came in after that wasn’t as good, so I tried JC Penny near me and I like them a lot.

If you have a Target in your area that has an optical department, I might give them a try. One cool thing I found there was that if you buy glasses cleaning solution (I’m talking glasses, not contact lenses for a second) from them, you can bring in your bottles and they will fill them up for free. That’s a good deal – free glasses cleaning solution!

Find one that you like. Try one eye doctor one year and if you don’t like them, try another the next year. Ask your friends and family (if they live close by) which local place they like.

Keep a Log and Evaluate Each Brand

One important thing to do is only use each brand for 30 days – not any longer. So only open one brand at a time once you get them. Try them out and see how they work.

At the end of this book, we’ve provided a sheet, which you can use to make any notes about each brand. If you have 4-5 brands to try, then when you get to the last one, you might not remember what the first brand was like. Just jot down a few notes.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Were they easy to put in?
  2. Were they easy to take out?
  3. How long could you keep them in?
  4. Did they seem to dry out too soon?
  5. Did they feel comfortable?
  6. Could you see well when wearing them?

Maybe first get used to them for a week before you write down any notes. Then, right before you switch to another brand, review your notes and add anything else that you found out.

Again, the goal with trying different brands of free contact lenses is to find out which brand you prefer. Going forward and by going through this process, you get to find out which brand of contacts is best for you. Most people out there are not going through this process and they should because it’s free!

Saving Big Money on Contact Lenses and Exams

If you get vision coverage (insurance) through your employer, then use it! You can save some good money. Also, if you have a Flex Plan, use that because you are not taxed on that money. The same goes for Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Money goes into an account like that before taxes, so that essentially saves you 30% or so if you use it for health and medical expenses.

Things that qualify may be:

  • Eye glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Eye exams
  • Contact lens cases
  • Contact lens cleaning solution
  • Eye glasses cleaning solution

If you have one of these plans available, then make sure you use it. Don’t forget and later wish you had saved some money. We’re just mentioning it here so that you don’t forget to use these kinds of programs.

Free Colored Contact Lenses

In 2012, colored contacts are becoming more and more popular. People want to change their eye color and how they look! They either go for a more subtle change or else a big change that gets people’s attention. They are fun to wear and really just about anyone can get colored contact lenses, sometimes even for free!

The process is the same as for normal contact lenses. They are still considered medical devices even if they are for cosmetic purposes. This means even if you do not need any vision correction – you still need a prescription… usually (we’ll get to that in a minute).

Why you would want to get an exam is because who knows? You might actually need some vision correction. Hey, if your eyes can be less stressed by the use of contact lenses or glasses, then that means your whole body is less stressed. The way we see it, everyone should get their eyes checked from time to time even if they think they don’t need contacts of glasses because they just might. Being less stressed could add years to your life. You have to take care of your body and that definitely includes your eyes!

Most local eye doctors would be less likely to have what are called “plano” (which means non-vision correcting) lenses in stock or have fewer colors or prescriptions of colored contacts. With colored contacts, you might opt to have them ordered for you in the color that you want.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Ok, like we said, you should get an exam because you are supposed to, by law, have a prescription for contacts since they are considered to be medical devices. With that said, it seems that the onus to ask for a prescription is on the contact lens retailer – not you. If anyone should get in trouble for selling them without a prescription, it would be the retailer – not you. So there are some contact lens retailers that sell colored contacts that will not ask you for a prescription and you can order them online.


Thanks for taking time to read this ebook. We hope that you got some useful information out of it.

Free contact lenses are out there and everyone should take advantage of these offers. Use the tools and information we’ve given you here to find the best contact lenses for your eyes.

Feel free to email us and let us know about your experiences: info@freecontactlensesguide.com.

Here are some more resources available here on our website that you might be interested in:

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