Where Can You Get a Free Eye Exam?

Free Eye Exams

Eye exams are a necessary part of day to day life. Every year, millions of people around the world suffer from poor vision. Unfortunately, eye exams can be quite expensive and many are not able to afford to have their eyes checked. While eye exams alone are expensive, purchasing glasses as well can be enough to break the bank. However, their are services available for those in need that can help you to receive a free eye exam and glasses.

Free Eye Exams for Infants

Infant wellness care is a very important part of the first stages of life. This is why American Optometric Association offers a public health program called InfantSEE. The InfantSEE program is available for children six months to twelve months of age. This free eye exam can only be taken advantage of once. Optometrists donate their time to ensure that all children have clear vision. Poor vision in infants can result in slower learning skills than others.

Family Free Eye Exams

Medicaid is a state funded program that provides health insurance benefits to families that can not afford it. Different states have different criteria for their Medicaid programs that you must meet to be eligible for membership. Typically, families will qualify if they meet the state’s poverty level for their size family. Eligibility for also depend on other factors, such as long term illnesses, pregnancy, and disabilities. Medicaid pays for a number of different health services for both adults and children, eye exams being one of them. For full details on the Medicaid program, eligibility, and coverage, please visit your state’s Department of Health & Human Services website.

For families that do not qualify for Medicaid, but are still unable to afford their own private health insurance plan, children can be covered under the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. Similar to Medicaid, CHIP is funded by the state. This program does require a small, affordable fee that will cover children only. While there is a low-cost membership fee, most health services, such as eye exams, are provided at no additional cost. Find out more about CHIP at your state’s website.

Eye Exams for Adults for Free

Not only do children suffer from poor vision, but adults do as well. As adults age, they are more prone to poor vision. It is important to have your eyes checked annually, as poor vision can be the cause of many accidents. In addition to Medicaid coverage for families, older adults may be interested in the Medicare program. Free eye exams are covered in this program only if you have general health problems that could result in poor eye sight or loss of vision. Other programs for adults that provide free eye exams include EyeCare America, available for seniors that meet the criteria, and VISION USA, available to families living on low-incomes.

Free Eye Glasses

In addition to free eye exams, free glasses can also be received for those in need. Sight for Students is a program that works with select optometrists to provide free eye exams and glasses to children that do not have health insurance.

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