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If you wear glasses or enjoy being a little different from time to time, you may wonder why you’re the only person not wearing contact lenses. You’re probably already aware that contact lenses can fix a number of eye problems, but not all of them are for correcting your vision. Some of them have zero vision correction so that you can try a new eye color or enhance your natural eye color. Some color contact lenses come with medication, but only when prescribed by your eye doctor. Find out how to get free trial contact lenses!

So, how is it that you don’t have any? Well, if you order your contact lenses through your optometrist, you may realize how expensive that can be. A lot of insurance don’t cover any of the cost when it comes to contact lenses. If this your case, then understand that you don’t have to order them through your optometrist, you can get them for free online – get free contact lens samples sent in the mail. That’s right! Why pay for something that you can obtain for free.

Send Me Free Trial Contact Lenses!

How to Get Free Eye Contacts Sent to Your Home

The only thing you will need to do if you live in the US, Canada, Or UK, is obtain a prescription from your doctor to acquire contact lenses. If you already have one, then just make sure it is not older than a year. When you’ve received your prescription for contact lenses, then take advantage of the free contact lens sample offers that area available to you.

You will notice a ton of websites that offer free contact lenses. You should concentrate on the websites of the companies that make contact lenses. There, they will have these trial offers. Click on one of your choice, and get started. Some companies work different than others. For instance, you may have some companies that will send your contact lenses straight to your door. Others may allow you to print out a coupon for free lenses that you can take to your optometrist. All of the details are normally located on their website. Pretty soon, they will be sent to you in the mail or by post.

The reason this works is that lens makers have found out that they are more likely to get you to buy their brand if you first try them for free. That is why they want to get a pair of free trial contact lenses sent to you. They are easy to get and shipping should also be included as well.

Be sure to talk to your optometrist about quality brands to try, so that you don’t just any lens in your eyes.

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  1. Hi. Im really intrested in trying out your free trial contact lenses. Please I want color contact lenses Thank you..

  2. Great! Trying free contact lenses can help you decide which brand suits you the best. It is possible to also get free samples or trials of colored contact lenses. Those manufacturers are offering free trial lenses as well. All you have to do is visit their websites, fill out the forms and follow the instructions there to have them sent to you by mail.

  3. i need to see if this is with i wont so i can buy some. thank you

  4. Hi my name is tierra i would like to try a free trail of contacts please send me a pair.Thanks

  5. i would like to try your product

  6. will you plz send me a pair of green contact so I can try to see if I can wear them befor buying them plz n thanxs

  7. Yes, getting free trial green colored contact lenses is a great way to first see how they look before you buy them. Getting them takes just a few steps. First, go to the websites of companies that make them. Since they make them, they are the ones giving out the free trials and samples. These are companies like Acuvue Colours and Freshlook Colorblends. Fill out the online forms there for free trials. Read their terms and conditions. In most cases, if you live in the United States, you’ll first need to see an eye doctor for an exam and fitting (which you have to pay for) even if you do not need vision correction. After that, either the doctor can give you the free trial or else they will arrive in the mail in a short time at your house.

  8. yes can you send me some darkn blue so i can see if i like them

  9. You should get some dark blue contacts to see how they look on you. They might look really nice. We don’t supply them but you can go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers and fill out their forms there for the free lens trials.

  10. i reallly would like to try these. Where do i fill the forms?

  11. Hi, I really would like to try a free pair of colored contacts.

  12. Just go to the websites of companies like Acuvue or Freshlook Colorblends and you will find the forms there to fill out.

  13. Could you please send me a free trial pair of contact lenses I want to try them out. I would like a violet or navy blue if u don’t have any of those colors a normal dark blue will do thanks

  14. To get trial contact lenses is simple. We cannot send them but companies that make contacts certainly do. They want to send them to you. Just go to their websites and request them!

  15. please can u send me a free sample of contacts it’s almost my birthday and i want to look different.

  16. Can You Please Send ME Free Colored Contacts cause I Want To Look Different Thiz Year


  18. I have been wanting contacts for sooooooo long

  19. i would like to try before i buy please

  20. pls send me a sample so i can buy more

  21. Like we said, we don’t provide them but there are many contact lens companies that do. Have fun getting them!

  22. i would like for you to send me a free trial of color contact lenses thank you

  23. I would like to try free color contacts I can’t stand my eye color thanks

  24. Hi Martha,

    We would like to as well but we don’t have any. They come from the companies that make contact lenses. Please go there and request their free trials.


  25. i would really love to change my brown eyes to blue aqua or green thank u!!!!

  26. i would absoulty love to try out the deep blue or blue aqua thank you!

  27. Great. Good choice, Stacy! We don’t provide them here but the companies that make colored contacts do hand out free, trial lenses so that you can see how they work out for you before you buy them. Enjoy!

  28. Can you send me a free trial of the non prescription light brown contacts. Thanks

  29. Hi Shanae’,

    Thanks for the note and for stopping by. It looks like you want a pair of light brown colored contacts. You can check our page where you can buy contacts. If we have them, that’s where they would be!

  30. Can u send me some in honey color

  31. Can you send me a free trial of the non prescription grey contacts. Thank you(:

  32. I would like a website that has no sign up’s no credit card needed for free trial contacts I had recently bought some contacts and they terribly hurt my eyes and now i refuse to buy unless i try first so if anyone knows a website besides acuvue where you have to see eye doc’z and stuff please e-mail me. THANKS

  33. I would love to try a pair of baby blue contacts for free

  34. Hi i would like to try the free samples coloured contact lenses to see if it wont have a reaction to my eyes . Never tried it but really want to as i have a show on this year and would like to make use of ordering more .

  35. Please send me a free trial of colors contacts

  36. Hi Andi May,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Getting free trials of colored contacts is great. You get to try out different colors and they can really look good. You can go for a slight change or something a bit more dramatic and shocking, it’s up to you. We don’t have them here but if you read the articles we’ve posted, then you’ll find out how to do this yourself. You just go to the websites of colored contact lens manufacturers and sign up for their offers for free colored contacts. There is a list of these websites on our home page. Cheers!

  37. I would love to try a pair of baby blue contacts thank you!:)

  38. Hello,

    Yes, a pair of baby blue colored contacts would be a good choice. It’ll be fun to see how they look on you. You should do what we say and go to the websites of colored contact lens companies and get the free samples there. Have fun!

  39. What if your making a movie and need them now? For a vampire movie bcuz i need them now no joke!

  40. That’s great Angel! congrats, may we ask what movie? My only suggestion is to pay for it if you need it immediately. Try Acuvue colors they work very well :)

  41. i would like to get a free non prescription of hazel contacts please i have never tried contacts before and would like to try them out thank you

  42. i always wanted a light brown colored contacts but i never can try them on without buying them first now i can get a free sample

  43. Can you send me some green contacts, i want to see how i look in them before i buy any contacts at all. If you do, do i need to give you mailing information?

  44. I would love to try a violet pair of your contact lenses.

  45. I would love to try some free non prescribed grey contacts before even considering
    purchasing them.. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

  46. i would love some purple and dark blue contacts thanks

  47. Free contacts please help!!!

  48. I would like to try some blue contacts. I have brown eyes

  49. Please send me a free non perscription of blue contact lenses please

  50. i stopped getting colored contacts cause it never fails they dont work ,not the slightest change in color .i have dark brown eyes and would love to try some bright green color contacts

  51. can i try contacts for free

    LENSES. 6.50

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