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Colored Contacts

Can You Have Corrective Colored Contacts?

Prescription colored contacts are the newest fashion accessory to have and is popular by those who want to be able to change their look to match their mood. If you already wear contact lenses, then getting colored ones is pretty easy. Read on to find out more about this topic.

Do You Need a Prescription Once a Year for Colored Contacts?

It is important to see your optometrist or ophthalmologist once a year for a complete eye exam to make sure there are no underlying problems with your eyes before deciding to switch from glasses to contacts. This is also true for people that are looking for colored contacts without prescription.

Once you have a prescription from your optometrist or ophthalmologist you can shop around at both stores that specialize in eye wear as well as online for contact lenses. After your have passed the eye exam with flying colors talk to your eye doctor about your decision to use contact lenses.

Wearing Corrective Colored Contacts

Many people choose to wear prescription contact lenses due to vanity, they feel self conscious when they have to wear eye glasses. The cost of contact lenses is more expensive than wearing glasses. In fact it is recommended that even if you prefer to wear contact lenses you should still have a pair of glasses that will meet your current vision needs because there may be times you will not be able to wear your contact lenses.

Color contacts are divided into two main groups. If you have dark colored eyes, you will be in one group and if you have light colored eyes, you will be in the other. Honestly, there are more choices for people who have light colored eyes. Using the wrong kind really won’t work too well and you won’t get the desired effect. So keep that in mind when choosing the lens color.

If you want colored contacts for dark eyes and dark colored skin, then one good color to definitely choose is green or hazel. Green colored contacts look great on dark skin. And anyone with dark eyes will want opaque colored contacts.

People are wondering how much contact lenses cost.

wearing-colored-contactsIf you do choose to go with colored contacts, keep in mind they are normally more expensive than clear contact lenses, on the average, the colored lens costs approximately $30 for 6 pair and they are only usable for a short period of time then have to be thrown away. It is preferable to have a prescription when buying clear or color contact lenses so they meet your vision needs. However, there are non prescription color contact lenses that are available to anyone who wants to change their eye color. The non prescription colored contact lenses are often used in theaters, movies and television to help the actor change their eye color to fit the part they are playing. Others wear them to help compliment their Halloween costume.

Remember when wearing non prescription colored contacts (also called non corrective colored contacts) that they are only for cosmetic purposes and will not do anything to help improve your eyesight and should not be used instead of eyeglasses you would normally wear to see clearly. In fact it is important to know that even when wearing colored contacts to change the color of your eye you will still have to wear your corrective eye wear that has been prescribed by your eye doctor.

Along with the positive aspects of wearing prescription colored contact lenses, there are also disadvantages. Due to the eyes constantly changing to compensate for different lighting situations the colored contact can move around on the eye causing less than perfect vision. Whether clear or color contacts are worn, there is always an increased chance of damages to the eye such as eye infections, corneal ulcers or even scratches or tearing of the eye.

Remember to go with a name brand when you choose prescription colored contact lenses. You want to pick a manufacturer that uses quality materials. Cheap color contacts are just that – cheap. The health of your eyes is at stake and you get what you pay for. Don’t go cheap when it comes to contacts.

Conclusion – Prescription and Non Prescription Contacts

For those who want to wear colored contacts for a new look, there are both prescription and non prescription lenses out there to be bought. Just be aware of not only the benefits but the risks that go with wearing them as well. Good luck with your choice!

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Note: Colored contact lenses or special effect contact lenses (all contacts) are medical devices and should only be worn under the supervision of an eye care professional.

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