How to Order Free Sample Colored Contact Lenses by Mail

Like yourself, many people are willing to try out new brands and colors of contacts without making a financial commitment. Manufacturers recognize that each person is different and tha they would like to find the brand that will provide the most comfort throughout the day. If you are thinking about using a new type of colored contact lens, free sample colored contact lenses will aid in your search for the perfect fit and shade without making an investment.

Free Sample Colored Contact Lenses by Mail Order

Most manufacturers and online contact retailers use similar processes for issuing free colored contact lenses / a free colored contacts sample. For any customer, the first step usually involves filling out a short questionnaire with some general demographic or contact information. In most cases, though these offers are sponsored by manufacturers, surveys may be hosted by third party retailers. Some find that working with a retailer offers more convenience, as they will often catalog all available free sample colored contact lenses by mail offers.

Can I Get Free Colored Contacts Without a Prescription?

Well, if you’re looking for free colored contacts without prescription, then you should know that you are first going to need to make an appointment with an optometrist. You will need to get a prescription to place an order – even for free colored, non corrective contact lenses. It’s the law and you, in fact, should not get contacts from a place that lets you get them without a prescription since they’re breaking the law.

Getting an appointment is quick and easy. I suggest an optical department at a department store or at the mall. Just tell them you want to get colored contact lenses and they will fit you for contacts and that information will go into your prescription.

Order Your Free Sample Colored Contacts Online

After filling out an online form with your information on where to send them (no surveys), you will be issued a voucher. The terms of redemption vary, but often one must visit an ophthalmologist (optometrist or eye doctor) and submit a sample request through their doctor. Even for those who are interested in plano, or non-corrective colored contact lenses, a visit to an ophthalmologist is required by law. Contact lenses are considered by the FDA to be medical devices and a prescription is necessary even to obtain sample products. If the cost of an appointment is not covered by a voucher, eye care chains tend to offer better deals for contact lens examinations than ophthalmologists in private practice. Either way, you can get free sample contact lenses without surveys.

There are a number of options in terms of colored contact lens manufacturers that are highly thought of by both doctors and wearers. Acuvue is one of the leading manufacturers of contact lenses, and free sample pairs of Acuvue 2 Colors lenses are generally available to new customers through the mail. Both FreshLook and Durasoft lenses are well-made and comfortable, and each of these companies tends to be generous with samples as well. When ordering free sample colored contact lenses by mail, do keep in mind that the samples that are provided are typically designed to be worn temporarily. Be sure to read the indications on the package insert for best results.

Before you order a free colored contacts sample by mail, there is some terminology you should know. Whether or not your require vision correction, colored contacts are broken down into two types: enhancement and color tints. Enhancement tints are designed solely to enhance the intensity of your natural eye color, featuring a translucent ring of color that covers the iris. Color tints are more opaque and will offer complete coverage of your natural eye color. If you are hoping to change your eyes from green to blue, for example, opt for color tints.

Ordering free sample colored contacts by mail is a fast, easy way to try a new eye color at no cost. And you’ll find that many people who get free contact lenses samples by mail order multiple pairs so that they can try every available brand.

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  1. will i get my contacts free with the sample

  2. Yes, sample contact lenses are free samples.

  3. please send me a sample of color contact lens in green or gray.

  4. Could u please send me a blue pair

  5. could i get a pair of the sample colored contacts with the color of blue. please and thanks!

  6. You can get a pair of blue colored contacts by going to the website of the company that makes them and then fill out the form. You’ll then print the form and take it in to a local optometrist where they will give you an eye exam. You will give them the form and then they will order your free blue contact lenses for you.

  7. You can get sample blue colored contact lenses by going to the websites of companies like Freshlook Colors or Acuvue and click on the link for the free trial contact lenses. Fill out the form there and then print it. Make an appointment at a local optometrist and tell them that you want to get fitted for color contact lenses. This will cost you some money but it’s worth it. You can then give them the forms you’ve printed out and they will place the order for free colored contacts for you. They will arrive in the mail in about 7-10 business days or so. Enjoy!

  8. whats the name of a website where i can get free pair of blue contacts?

  9. Try going to Acuvue Colours or else FreshLook Colorblends.

  10. Can i please have light brown and green?:)

  11. Hi Caitlin,

    Do you want light brown in one eye and green in the other? Just kidding. :-) Those are good choices, actually. You can do what we say in the article and go to the websites of lens manufacturers and get the free sample colored contacts there. Have fun!

  12. when i go to the website it doesnt work,can i have a url,?

  13. I would love to see how I look with green eyes!

  14. Yeah, getting green colored contact lens samples would be fun. Get them and then let us know how they look on you and what color skin you have.

  15. i want some hazel free contacts

  16. Can I please get the color… Pure Hazel!! Please I love that color… Thanks?!?! :) Hope I get them soon!!

  17. @admin Why is it that when we post something about a freebie to inform the public about its availability from A MANUFACTURER, there are always a lot of people wanting the poster/admin to send them the FREEBIE???? Do people seriously not get that WE DO NOT HAVE THE SAMPLES ……… WE ONLY TELL People WHERE THEY can FIND THEM???
    Im sorry but I see this time and time again all over the place and sometimes I just want to scream………. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we do not make the samples…. we do not sell the samples………. and we do not ship samples. PERIOD ;)
    I hope you are having as much fun with your blog as we our with ours .

  18. could i get a pair of the sample colored contacts with the color of blue. please and thanks!

  19. could i get a pair of the sample colored contacts with the color of blue. thanks!

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