Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Now you have the freedom to change the color of your eyes… easily! Isn’t it magical? In this article, we’ll discuss what non prescription colored contacts are, what they do and how you can go about getting them – maybe even for free!

Many people today are seeing how non prescription contacts can change their appearance, for the better! You can go from brown eyes to blue eyes or even green colored eyes with the use of these lenses. Some are available online while some may even require that you get a prescription – even if they are non corrective. Read on to find out more.

What are Non Prescription Colored Contacts?

Non prescription colored contacts, or plano contacts (are sometimes called unprescription colored contacts), are one of the newest, hottest trends on the market with thousands having discovered the fun of transforming their eye color. Know that you will need a prescription from an eye care professional prior to purchase. From the lightest colored eyes to the darkest brown, there are options for everyone.

Colored Contact Lenses Without Prescription

Colored contacts usually don’t provide vision correction, which is why they are often referred to as being non-prescription. They are available through local outlets or on the Internet and should be properly used and cared for. Be an informed consumer by knowing what to expect and how to maintain eye health.

Can I buy contact lenses without asking for a prescription?

As required by federal law, an eye exam and prescription are necessary before purchasing contacts of any kind. Though this may seem illogical given their name, the term actually refers to the fact that the lenses are not corrective in nature. Though plano lenses could once be bought without a prescription, they were eventually classified as medical devices due to complaints and reports of injuries caused by misuse and defective lenses. An eye exam is affordable, ensures a proper fit and gives doctors the opportunity to educate patients on contact lens care and eye health, resulting in a much safer experience for the consumer.

You can sometimes find colored contacts non prescription in stores but those stores most likely are not asking you for a prescription from a doctor. Those contacts might not fit your eyes very well so they are not going to be as comfortable as they could be. And do not go for cheap colored contacts since they could harm your eyes. Get a name brand for sure.

Free Trial Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

You can get a free non prescription colored contacts sample from manufacturers like Acuvue and Dursoft Colors. On this website you can also find colored contact lenses sample by mail.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Non prescription colored contacts have become popular with those who want to have a little extra fun changing and enhancing their look. Visiting an eye care professional will provide an eye exam, prescription and important information prior to purchase. Choose from enhancement or opaque varieties depending on the effect desired. Use a reputable provider who requires a prescription as is legally necessary in the U.S. By following guidelines for contact care and eye health, problems can be avoided and first time user issues minimized.

Free Colored Non Prescription Contacts

People looking for colored contacts without prescription will find out that they will need to see an optometrist in order to get fitted for them – even if you want fresh colored contact lenses non prescription. Not everyone has the same shape of eye, so the eye doctor will measure your eyes so that you get the correct base curve. This is one part of the prescription and an important thing to ensure that they fit well and are comfortable when you wear them. Getting the right fit can also help prevent eye infections. Seeing an eye doctor for an appointment is quick and easy. Most local department stores have an optical department with reasonable prices.

Getting color contact lenses no prescription may sound like you do not need to get a prescription but like we explain, that might not be true. It’s just going to depend on where you live. Also, it’s just good sense to see an eye doctor before you start putting things into your eyes.

Color Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

Contact lenses can provide a unique look regardless of natural eye color. For a subtle effect, choose enhancement lenses which will, as the name suggests, simply enhance your natural color. This is the best choice for those with light colored eyes who simply want a deeper natural hue. For a more dramatic change or for those who have naturally dark eyes, opaque lenses will completely cover the natural eye color with a thick layer of the color of your choice. Lenses will include a variety of colors, hues and patterns to more closely resemble the human eye. Vision will not be negatively affected by either type of lenses, with plenty of room provided in the center of lenses for normal pupil function.

Purchase Colored Contacts

You can buy contacts from local eye care facilities or online. Buying through an online store may give you the widest variety from which to choose. Many manufacturers provide free trial samples for those who prefer to try before they buy, an especially good idea for first time buyers who may be somewhat dazzled by the many choices available to them. If you choose to buy your lenses online, you will need to provide proof of your prescription, usually in the form of a fax or scan.

100% Free Colored Contact Lenses

A contact lens is a corrective or cosmic lens that covers the cornea of the eye. Leonardo da Vinci created the first sketch for this idea in 1508. Czech chemist Otto Wichterle invented modern contact lenses. The first contact lens was made of glass, which caused irritation in the eye. You also could not wear the lenses for long periods. William Feinbloom introduced lenses made of polymethyl methacrylate; these lenses became a lot more convenient.

His partner Drahoslav Lim also invented the first gel used for their production. Some soft contact lenses are tinted with a little blue to make them more visible when put in cleaning and storage solutions. Other lenses like 100% free colored contact lenses alter the appearance of the eye. Some specialized lenses have UV protection surfaces. These types of lenses reduce the UV that may damage the eye’s natural lens. An estimated 125 million people use contact lenses across the globe.

Many people chose to wear contact lenses for many different reasons. When you compare these to spectacles, they are less affected by wet weather and provide a wider field of vision. Contact lenses are better for many sporting activities. 100% free colored contact lenses change the appearance of the eye. These may also be for correcting your vision. Contact lenses are used in the entertainment industry to make the eye look more appealing. Contact lenses are also used in horror movies.

There is a trend in Japan, South Korea and China with circle contact lenses. These lenses appear to be bigger because they are tinted in the extra-wide outer ring of the lens; this makes the iris look bigger and wider. There is a proper schedule for wearing contact lenses. A daily wear contact lens is made to be removed before sleeping. An extended wear contact lens is made for wearing them overnight. These types of lenses can be worn for six or more consecutive nights. Newer technology of lenses allows people to where them for up to 30 consecutive nights. These types of lenses are referred to as continuous wear. They can be worn for much longer period because of the high oxygen permeability to the cornea. Continuous wear lenses help keep the eye healthy even when the eyelid is closed. Take advantage of this great opportunity to get 100% free colored contact lenses, these types of lenses can be corrective or cosmetic.

Colored Contact Lenses Video

Wearing Colored Contact Lenses

If you have never used contacts before, you may experience some initial discomfort. This will subside within a few days as your eyes adapt to the lenses. Common issues include redness, itching and light sensitivity. By starting with just an hour or so of contact use per day and gradually increasing the time, these problems can be minimized or avoided.

Following some simple guidelines will provide the best possible experience with your new contacts. Never share lenses with friends as this can spread infection from one person to another. Use a solution to clean your lenses after each use and store them in a clean case with fresh solution every time. Tap water contains bacteria and should not be used on your lenses. Wash your hands before handling the lenses to avoid contamination and do not touch them with your fingernails as this may damage them. Finally, wear your lenses for no more than 8 hours at a time and always remove them before sleeping.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts at Walgreens?

Some people are looking for colored contact lenses at stores like Walgreens or Walmart. Often, you can still find color contacts at beauty salons and novelty stores. They should not be worn though unless you get them through an optical department. Walmart has one in most stores now but I don’t believe Walgreens does. You want to get contact lenses of any kind through an optometrist since they do require a prescription even if they are just for cosmetic use.


People are looking to get colored contact lenses without prescriptions and they may be able to get them in some areas. It’ll depend on where you live. Also, there are vendors in the US that will sell them to you without requiring a prescription. It’s not entirely legal but the blame would most likely fall on the retailer’s side if they are not asking you for a prescription. Colored lenses are fun to try but remember to not share them and take care of them really well – use actual contact lens solution (which you will have to buy – it’s cheap) and not tap water or you could damage your eyes.

Begin browsing the amazing selection of head turning options today and get started on your new, updated look. Come back here and tell us how they worked out for you!

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  1. I would like to try the green color eye

  2. Sounds good. Green eye contacts can be fun to wear and help you change your appearance. You can match them to what you are wearing or even just wear them at night for fun. To get them, you simply need to do what we’ve stated in this article. Download the forms for free trial contact lenses from the websites of contact lens manufacturers then do what they say. You’ll most likely need to go see an eye doctor in your area to get a prescription since even though they do not correct your vision, they are considered to be medical devices by law. After that, you’re free to order colored contact lenses.

  3. Hey,
    I would love to get some coloured eye cotact lens to see if like them or not before buying them…. How would i go about getting the free trail ones mailed to me???

  4. To get samples of non prescription colored contacts, the process is simple. You just need to find the websites of the contact lens manufacturers, then look for their offers for the free trial pairs. Fill out the forms, then read the terms and conditions, You will most likely need to make an appointment at a local eye doctor (which you may have to pay for) and then turn in the form there to get them ordered. They will arrive in the mail with free shipping in most cases. Again, read the terms. Have fun with them!

  5. Can you give me a website name to use where I do not have to see the eye doctor pls?

  6. If you want colored contact lenses without having to see a doctor and get a prescription, then you need to realize that this may be illegal in your area. Countries like the US, Canada and UK have laws that contact lenses of any kind can only be sold with a prescription. I don’t know the laws in South Africa. They might be different.

  7. hi l would like to order the free trial color contact l have dark eyes so l was interested in the blue ones… how do l order them?

  8. Yes, if you want blue colored contact lenses for your dark, brown eyes then make sure you get opaques. They will cover up your natural eye color so that your eyes can get lighter in shade. If you get the enhancer kind, they won’t work. They’ll still pretty much look brown. To order them, there are companies that give away free samples of colored contact lenses. Check out Acuvue 2 Colours or Freshlook Colorblends and find any available offers for their free sample lenses.

  9. I would. Love to get contact lenses

  10. Thanks for the comment. Yes, contact lenses could help you see better. They can also change your looks since you won’t be wearing glasses. With colored contact lenses, you can change the color of your eyes if you want, too.


  12. well u say u can have a free trial piar …but why do u have to have a docs permission to gat a piar if u get a non pascripiton piar let me kno

  13. Good question. It’s confusing. It kind of depends on where you live. If you live in the US, then you really aren’t supposed to be able to get non prescription colored contacts. This is because, by law, ALL kinds of contact lenses (prescription or non-prescription / non-corrective) do require that you present a valid contact lens prescription as you buy them. That’s the law since like 2005. There are some retailers, however, that are selling them in the United States without requiring that you present a prescription. They’re breaking the law, essentially… they are, as the retailer, not you as the customer.

    If you want free trial pairs of contact lenses, then that’s another matter. These are from contact lens manufacturers (not retailers) and since they want you as a customer, they are going to require that you go through a doctor and get a prescription for them. It’s easy to do and once you get a prescription, you’re able to get as many free pairs of contacts that you want – like one from each manufacturer. The appointment and exam is probably around $75-100 but in that exam, they measure your eyes, check to see if you actually do need some kind of vision correction and then you’ll get the prescription. Sometimes that prescription says that there is no vision correction needed but it does have the measurements on it (including the base curve of your eye) and is proof that you saw an eye doctor. You will end up with a pair of colored contacts that fit your eyes and will be more comfortable to wear this way.

  14. I love to wear color contact lens. I think it brings me out more.

  15. i like to try contact lens.. i never been in contact lens before. but i want to try it if its good,,

  16. green in color

  17. Tryin tO go for a new look always underestimated maybe this will give me a fresh new look

  18. I clicked on send me a free trial of colored contacts free shipping but it keeps taking me around and around how can i try one pair of free colored contacts like it says??? Blue

  19. Yes, all the articles here do explain the process if you read them. Simply go to the websites of lens manufacturers. There, they will have a form to fill out where you give them your information – like where to ship them. Download that certificate that they give you and then follow the directions there on how to get them.

  20. brown

  21. Hey I would like to try then green ones

  22. How to order no prescription colored contact

  23. Previous post: Can I Get Trial Contact Lenses Easily?

    Next post: How to Order No Prescription Colored Contacts
    I AM 53 YEAR OLD

  24. Go to the websites of companies that make colored contacts. They WANT to give away free samples. Since they make them, THEY are the ones giving them away. Here, we’re just telling you how to do it because not everyone knows the process. Enjoy!

  25. i want my free sample!!!


  27. Hey ALL,
    Mine is different,I would like a black contact lens cause I have a scar and I cnt afford to do the Corneal Transplant now.I prefer wearing the black contact lense ro match the other eye.
    Plz get back to me,iam in Durban

  28. Hi Sophia,

    It sounds like you’re looking for all black contact lenses. You have a good reason for them. Many of the colored lenses out there do come in opaque versions, however. What they do is conceal the original color of the colored part of the eye (iris). If you do have a scar there, they should cover it up just fine without you having to go to an all-black colored contact. Try them out.

    We don’t provide them here but there are many places to get opaque contact lenses.

  29. what is the website to go on for the vampire red contacts

  30. I want hazel ones

  31. Very nice site and the contact lenses very colorfull I like the green.I was looking green colorcant find how i can get the green color can you send me? thank you

  32. Hi Beng,

    Yes, green, non prescription colored contacts look great on people – especially if they have a darker skin tone. Their eyes just pop! It’s an amazing combination. We don’t sell them but there are plenty of websites out there that do. Prices vary and start at about $20 for a pair.

  33. i would love some color contacts please & thank you “}

  34. I would love to try a free trail pair of blue or green colored contacts, i dont have a prescription..its just for looks

  35. Hi Jess,

    Yes, even though a pair of colored contact trials in green or blue would just be for looks, if you live in the US or Canada or UK (or maybe other countries), you’ll need to technically get a prescription for them since that’s the law. It’s unfortunate. Our book on this website does have some alternative ways to get them though.

  36. would like to try out the color contacts non prescription i need to know if i will like to buy contacts or glasses thanku

  37. i want pair of non prescription contacts that make your whole eye look completely black like a demon please send them to me for free can you.

  38. I would like to try a light blue pair

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  43. I’m really going to go buy a blue pair now, thank you for this article.

  44. I would like a free pair of the Halloween cat eyes to try I want the yellow ones

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