Non Prescription Colored Contacts for Ladies

Non prescription colored contacts are a great way for ladies to change their natural eye color temporarily. Colored contacts make for a great fashion accessory for young women today. Colored contact lenses that are round in shape have cause a massive stir in the news, because of the way it changes a woman’s appearance from boring to uncanny. It is important that when buying non prescription colored contact lenses that you make your purchase from a reputable seller.

Contacts should fit comfortably on the surface of the eye, not cause severe irritation, obstruct sight, or cause any pain. Circle contact lenses have come under fire by concerned optometrists, parents, and the media because the contacts do not properly fit on the eye. Extended wear of contacts without proper cleaning, lubrication, or care can cause injury or problems. However, there are many reputable sellers of contact lenses so you can change you eyes without worry.

You don’t just have to stick to conventional contact lenses in blue, gray, green, or brown. There are many varieties of vanity contact lenses that let wearers turn their eyes into wildcat yellow, look completely white-out, solid black, or even neon purple. Contact lenses make a great conversation piece or a head turning look at a party. All you need is a little imagination and there is a perfect set of non prescription colored contact lenses for your look. You can visit a local eye doctor to purchase a pair or two of non prescription contact lenses, or visit online to choose from wild and crazy new looks.

Why stop at making yourself look unique with just your shoes or clothes? You can accessorize your eyes to accent or bring your outfit together for an evening out with friends. Contact lenses look unbelievably like your real eyes these days, as many lenses blend together two to three colors to get a more natural look. Honey brown lenses are popular with layers of golden yellow and two tones of brown. Sea blue contact lenses blend together shades of aqua, sea foam green, and highlights to give eyes sparkle and pop. Invest in yourself and try a new look for yourself by picking up some contact lenses. Contact lenses are fairly inexpensive, easy to clean, and most pairs last anywhere from 3 months to 1 full year of wear, depending on care and use. Contact lenses rule fashion!

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