Non Prescription Color Contacts

Some people just like to change how things are because they get bored with the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” and there’s definitely something to be said about that. I guess that’s why many girls and women will change their look from time to time. Maybe it’s because there’s a change of season like summer or maybe they are starting a new year in their life, a new career or a new relationship. It really doesn’t matter since just about any time is a good time to make a change for the better. One thing that can possibly work well with anyone’s makeover is changing their eye color with colored contact lenses.

Colored contacts work well for a number of reasons. When you talk to someone, you’re typically looking at their eyes. Good eye contact shows them that you’re paying attention to them. It’s fine to look away when you are the one talking but when you are the one listening, eye contact is critical. Once you starting talking with someone, they are definitely going to notice your eyes.

What’s the Difference Between Non-Prescription and Non-Corrective Colored Contact Lenses?

Yes, it’s a good idea to get the terminology right. Basically, they mean about the same thing. Non prescription color contacts are non corrective. If they needed to do some vision correction, then some magnification would be needed. They are sometimes referred to as “plano contact lenses” or maybe even fashion or cosmetic colored contact lenses. There are several names for them.

What is the important thing to know is that even though these kinds of contact lenses are non corrective and do not change your vision at all, you do need to get a prescription for them in most places. Countries like England, Canada and the United States have laws on their books that say that retailers cannot sell any kind of contact lens unless the consumer has a valid contact lens prescription.

What’s a Valid Contact Lens Prescription and is it Different from a Glasses Prescription? Can You Convert it?

Ok, slow down with the questions for a minute and let us catch up. :-)

A valid contact lens prescription is one that is less than a year old. If you already wear prescription contact lenses, then it’s easy for you to get colored lenses. You will just order them that way the next time you place an order but only as long as your prescription is valid.

Contact lens prescription are different from eyeglass prescriptions. With glasses, the lenses sit farther from your eyes – quite a bit farther. Also, with contact lens prescriptions, the base curve of your eyes need to be measured, which is the curvature of your eyes. Getting this measured helps ensure that you get good fitting contact lenses that feel comfortable when you wear them. So that’s important for sure.

And you cannot convert a prescription for glasses into one for contact lenses. It doesn’t work that way. They are two different animals. Just go in for a quick appointment at the optometrist that’s at your local department store and you’ll walk out with a prescription.

Let me give you one extra tip and incentive to go see your eye doctor. If it does turn out that you do need some prescription contact lenses that do give you some vision correction, then it might actually save you money. Most people work at a place that give you some sort of health insurance for your eyes / vision health insurance or a discount plan for vision and once you find out you do need glasses or contacts that help your vision, you’re entitled to that coverage or discount. It works for colored contacts because they are prescription colored contact lenses. So not only do your eyes thank you because they are not strained anymore but you also get to save money. It’s a win-win situation.

What Colors Are There to Choose From?

Lots! If you want to try blue colored contacts, you definitely can. Colors like gray and hazel are pretty popular, too. Just know that if you have darker colored eyes, you’ll want to get the opaque kind because what those do is completely block out the natural color of your eyes. Enhancement contact lenses do let some of your eye color show through, so if you want to make your eyes a lighter color, enhancement lenses will not work very well.

Halloween Contact Lenses

One cool way to use non corrective colored contacts is with your Halloween costume. There are some pretty crazy designs available. Some popular kinds are cat eyes, wild eyes or vampire contact lenses. You might even be able to find Mad Hatter contact lenses or ones from Avatar. One crazy color of contacts could be used for several different kinds of costumes. It’s fun and you’re guaranteed to be the hit of your Halloween party if you’ve gone through the process and detail of getting some funky Halloween contact lenses. No doubt!

Free Colored Contact Lenses

We said that magic word, didn’t we? Yeah, you can definitely get free colored non prescription contact lenses – you know, the kind that are non corrective. Many contact lens manufacturers give away free samples of contact lenses so that you can try them. They’re the kind of product that you might not want to take a chance on but if you can get them for free, then you are definitely more willing to give them a try. They realize this, so you’ll find it’s very easy to go to their websites, fill out the forms and order your a free colored contacts sample by mail.

One thing to keep in mind (if you’ve been reading this article all the way through) is that to get them for free, you’ll need to get a prescription. So right now, you can go fill out the forms for the free contact lenses, then bring them in with you when you go see your eye doctor. When your appointment is done, you can order the trial lenses. That’s the best way to do it.

When you get your free contact lenses in the mail, you may be tempted to try them all on at once, but this might not be the best idea. It’s up to you, of course, but once you’ve opened them, they are only good for 30 days and then they should be thrown out. Most people will try one color at a time. Take a few notes about that brand and color or maybe take some pictures of yourself while wearing that color of contact lenses with different outfits so that you can remember how each color looks on you.

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