Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses

Colored contacts can be fun to wear! You can totally change or just enhance the color of your eyes with non prescription color contact lenses! These contacts are sometimes referred to as colored contacts without prescription, cosmetic colored contacts or as non prescription colored contacts. This article will explain all about them, what colors are available and where to get colored contacts without prescription or even cheap non prescription colored contacts.

Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses

There are two main kinds of colored contacts with no prescription: opaque and enhancement contact lenses. There is also a number of manufacturers for them including (the most popular):

  • Durasoft Colors
  • Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers
  • Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques
  • Freshlook Color Contact Lenses

The most popular brand of colored contacts is Acuvue but there are many brands. Many name brand manufacturers also have brands of colored contact lenses. The great thing is that they do want to give you free samples for you to try!

Colored Contacts Non Prescription

Colored Contacts Non Prescription

If your eyes are lightly colored (light blue, etc.), then you can use color enhancement contact lenses. If your eyes are darker (brown, etc.) or if you want to dramatically change the color of your eyes, then you will need to use opaque non-prescribed color contacts. Each type of lens will either say “for light eyes” or it will say “for dark eyes” so that you know which kind you can wear.

Most contact lenses out there do have some tint to them, like light blue. This is so that can can easily find them when they are soaking in your cleaning solution. This light blue color does not affect your vision or change the color of your eyes.

What you might be looking for are colored contact lenses beyond just the blue tint. You want to change the color and appearance of your eyes using contact lenses. Before you go looking for Non prescription color contact lenses, there are some things that you need to know.

Non-prescription colored contact lenses are today’s trendsetters’ new favorite accessory. These contact lenses allow you to change the color of your eyes, or just enhance their natural color, depending on the type of lens you get. Fashion conscious people might want to change the color of their eyes to suit the color of the dress they are wearing for a more dramatic effect; now they can do this by getting several pairs of colored contact lenses in different colors.

For people with light blue eyes, or light green eyes, they have a chance to have a deeper eye color by wearing eye color enhancer contact lenses. These do not change the color of the eyes, but only deepen the hue. But for those who have dark colored eyes, you must get the opaque lenses to change your eye color; thus, if you have naturally brown eyes, you can change it to blue or even green color with the use of these colored lenses.

Those who haven’t ever tried wearing contact lenses may find them uncomfortable at first, so you may want to get free trial non-prescription color contact lenses before buying some. There are two options you can take in order to avail of the free trial colored contact lenses. First, you can search online for free trial contact lenses; you download the form from the website of reputable contact lens manufacturers and fill it up, then take it to your ophthalmologist where you may get a pair of the trial lenses. Or, you may ask for a prescription from your eye doctor then go to the contact lens manufacturers’ websites and fill out the form, and they can send you a pair of trial lenses for free by mail.

Contact lenses are considered medical devices, thus you cannot purchase any kind of lenses without doctor’s prescription. Even when these colored contact lenses are called non-prescription colored contact lenses, the laws of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom require you to get a prescription from your eye doctor before you can get a pair. This is because if the contact lenses you buy do not fit your eyes properly, as each individual have different shapes and sizes of the eyes, it may cause injury or irreversible damage to your eyes. So before attempting to get the free trial contact lenses, be sure to go to your eye doctor to get the correct measurement of your eyes. The doctor can also help you choose the right kind of lenses for you and teach you how to take care of them.

Non Prescription Color Contacts

Getting blue contacts with no prescription is a popular thing that people are looking for. This is different than the regular blue tint that contacts have, they want to change the color of the iris of their eyes to blue – and this can be done!

Free Colored Contact Lenses Without Prescription by Mail

You may be able to get cheap non prescription colored contacts or even free colored contacts without prescription (also called non prescribed color contacts). You would just select a power of “0″ (zero) when placing your order. But even though you can get non-prescription color contact lenses, you need to go to an eye doctor for a quick appointment so that you get the right fit for your eyes. Your eyes are very important and getting the wrong fit can make contact uncomfortable, irritating your eyes. The eye doctor will measure the base curve of your eye and find the recommended diameter of the lens so that they fit perfectly and are comfortable for you. People have differently shaped eyes, so contact lenses are not one size fits all.

Colored Contacts Without Prescription by Mail

When you order your colored contacts as contact lens samples or trials, they will arrive in the mail or post in a short amount of time. You usually do not even have to pay for shipping. Just ask your doctor or else find the offers online for free colored contact lens samples.

Brands of Colored Contact Lenses

When it comes to selecting a brand and manufacturer of non prescription colored contacts, it would be best to go with a name brand than with an off brand. Remember, you are putting these into your eyes and you don’t want to risk selecting a brand that used a cheap or even toxic kind of paint to color the lenses. Brand name contacts like Acuvue and Durasoft are made from better quality materials.

Of course, if you’re not going to wear colored contacts all the time, then getting a perfect fit might not be critical but that’s up to you. Often people will order special effect contact lenses for theatrical performances, music videos or for their Halloween costume – to add that extra bit of flair and complete the look. They will choose to look for Halloween contacts with no prescription since they will only be using them for a short amount of time.

Choosing a Color – the Fun Part!

Begin looking online for colored contacts that you think would suit you before going in for an eye doctor appointment (if that is your plan). By doing that research, you will have more information when you see your eye care professional and place your order.

Also think about what colors you may want to try. Below is a video showing how different colored contacts can change the color of your eyes.

Where Can I Get Colored Contacts Without a Prescription?

Remember that you cannot get colored contacts without prescription in most areas. You will need to see your eye doctor and get a prescription but once you do, it’s easy to order free sample contacts by mail. You simply go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers, fill out the online forms and then you can take that form to your eye doctor or else claim the free contact lenses rebate offers that are available.

Where Can I Find Cheap Contacts Without a Prescription?

Buy contact lenses now. You can find many places online that sell contact lenses. Honestly, that is where you will find the best price. I got a quote from my eye doctor and then checked out the online / phone contact lens retailers and instantly saved about $150 for a year’s worth of contact lenses. I have astigmatism, so my lenses cost a little more but that was quite a savings. Almost hard to believe that is was that much. So always shop around for the best price on contact lenses. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Colored Contacts Without Prescription for Free

One other thing you can do is get a free colored contacts sample. You can definitely try a pair of colored contact lenses and see how they work for you. You can do this if you wear contacts now or not. Current contact lens wearers can order them right away. If you do not wear them yet, you can get ones that are non corrective but you may not be able to order them right away and there really is no such thing as color contacts with no prescription.

Note: Colored contact lenses, non prescription color contacts, colored contacts non prescription, cosmetic colored contacts, tinted color contacts or special effect contact lenses (basically, all contacts) are considered to be medical devices by law in the United States, the UK and in Canada. They should only be worn under the supervision of an eye care professional or optometrist.

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  1. I want free trial colored free trial no prescription green color

  2. i want purple

  3. No prescription, color grey

  4. hello i would love a free trial of non prescription contact lenses green color

  5. You can get some green non-prescription colored contacts by checking out the websites of contact lens manufacturers. They do give away free samples of colored contacts. Try sites like Acuvue Colours / Colors and others. You will probably still need to see an eye doctor to get them but doing that is pretty easy. It’s something everyone has to do by law. Good luck!

  6. You can get purple colored contacts. Just go to websites like Freshlook Colors where you can get the free sample color contacts.

  7. Do the prescription or seeing the eye doctor cost any money? Like for example without any health insurance?

  8. Yes, the eye doctor appointment does cost money. When you leave there, you will have a prescription and you will be able to take advantage or the free colored contact lens offers that are out there once you have have. Those offers are free.

  9. I want to try a gray pair! For free!!!

  10. Free contact lenses and free gray contact lens samples are available if you go to the websites of companies like Acuvue, fill out the form and follow the instructions that they give you.

  11. i would love a pair of honey colored contacts n o prescription.

  12. Yes, you can honey colored contact lenses. Just fill out the forms when you go to the websites of contact lens makers. They will send you colored contact lenses. Just find out the terms and conditions of the offers since they can vary depending on where you live. Have fun with them!

  13. I want colored contacts w o prescription please, I want to wear it on my wedding day. I like fresh look brown color. can you send me?

  14. Great! Brown colored contacts are a good color for a lot of people. You will enjoy them, we’re sure. We cannot ship any to you, unfortunately. Please read our articles here and follow the procedure for getting color contact lenses from the lens manufacturers themselves.

  15. i would like to try your free non prescription eye contacts color grey. Thank you!

  16. i want purple mixed wit blue

  17. Great. Just find the offers for the free non prescription colored contact lenses like we explain and you will be enjoying them shortly!

  18. Yes, purple and blue colored contact lenses would look really great. You can probably find that in a pretty natural looking design that will still get you some attention!

  19. i have blue eyes soo i want a dark color!

  20. Going from blue colored eyes to a darker color is easy. You can either use opaque contact lenses or else try to blend colors with your natural eye color and use enhancement colored contact lenses.

  21. i would love a pair of free colored contacts blue

  22. Cody, good choice! Blue colored contacts are fun to try so that you can change the color of your eyes. To get them will depend on where you live. In some countries like the US, UK and Canada, it’s the law that you will need a prescription since color contacts are classified as being medical devices by the FDA. There are some websites here in the US that will sell them to you anyways. In that case (as far as we understand), they would be liable for doing this – not you as the consumer.

  23. i would like to have one of the free pair of colored contacts without a prescription..i have naturally blue eyes and would like to change them up once in a while..if i enjoy what you have to offer i would take into consideration ordering them from you in the pleas let me know how i go about geeting a free sample and the colors that i can choose from..thank you cathy cestaro

  24. Hi Cathy,

    I have heard that people with blue eyes even want to change the color of their eyes even though it seems that most people are trying to change their eye color to blue. There are many, great colors to choose from and since your eyes are already lightly colored, you have more options. You can try enhancement colored contacts, which let some of your natural eye color show through. So you could use those and come up with some pretty interesting combinations.

    To get the free samples, it’s best to go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers. They have free trials and free samples that you can sign up for. Follow the terms on those offers and you should receive them in the mail in just a short time. Have fun!

  25. I am looking for rainbow colored contacts for brown eyes.

  26. With most special effect or painted contact lenses, you will need to special order them. You might be able to find them without a prescription but it’s always best to get one so that they fit right. Make sure that you do not get the cheap ones – if cheap paint is used, they could seriously damage your eyes.

  27. i need um for my new movie -

  28. Yes, special effect contact lenses are used a lot in movies and in theater productions. Since the actors might be wearing them for a few hours, they might want to get them professionally fitted by an eye doctor. Otherwise, there are websites that do sell these kinds of contacts and they or may not require a prescription from a doctor. It will depend on where they are located.

  29. i would like to have one of the free pair of colored contacts without a prescription..i have naturally blue eyes and would like to change them up once in a while..if i enjoy what you have to offer i would take into consideration ordering them from you in the pleas let me know how i go about geting a free sample and the colors that i can choose from.

  30. yes please i want some hazel fake contacts

  31. Yes, some hazel green contact lenses will look great. Companies that make colored contact lenses, like hazel ones that don’t do any vision correction, give away free samples. Go to their websites and look for their offers for free trial contact lenses.

  32. I Was Wondering Do You Have An Hazel Or Grey Pair Of Contact Lenses?

  33. Hi Regina,

    Both hazel and gray are popular colors for contact lenses. We don’t carry them here but you can find places to order them online either with or without a prescription. Remember that if you order them in the USA, then you’ll need to show a prescription to get them since all contact lenses (corrective or not) do require a prescription. There may be some retailers that don’t require them but they would be breaking the law that was enacted in 2005.

  34. Please Im Really Want Contacs

  35. i Want Non prescrition purple or blue contacs

  36. hello may i please get some rainbow colored contacts, non prescrition please

  37. a free trial pair please, ive never tried contacts and would like to try some please

  38. i would like to have one of the free pair of colored contacts without a prescription..i have naturally Brown eyes and would like to change them up once in a while. If i enjoy what you have to offer i would take into consideration of ordering them from you in the future. so pleas let me know how I can go about getting a free sample and the colors that I can choose from.


  39. I want brown ones….and thank you!

  40. Hello,

    Yes, brown ones would be an excellent choice. To get some colored contacts, just do what we explain here. Go to the websites of lens manufacturers and check out their free contact lens samples that you can order. That way, you can try them yourself and see which colors look the best.

  41. i would love to try a free sample of the non perscription contacts i naturally have brownish hazel eyes but would like a funky new kind of color. please let me know if you can give me a free sample! thank you!

  42. can i get a free sample of Hazel colored contacts?

  43. Can you send me a sample of dark blue contacts and some lime green please? Thank you so much!

  44. Hello Ty,

    We can’t send them but the articles on our website explain how to get them. Please check out our home page.

  45. i would like to receive my free triel contact on green

  46. i like hazel,blue contacts

  47. i really want some!!

  48. can you please send me a sample of hazel,green,gray,blue well basically all the colors for i can see which ones are better and i can buy me them

  49. Hi There Kasheonia,

    Trying different colors of contact lenses is a great idea. A color might look good on one person but not another. Unfortunately, we don’t provide them here. We do, however, have LOTS of articles explaining the process. If you even read the comments here, that process is really clear. So just follow that, choose your colors and then they will be sent to you. Thanks!

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