Are Free Contact Lenses for You?

Free contact lenses and free colored contacts can be a great addition to an awesome outfit. Not only can you add a little color to your eyes but you can change a nice outfit into something special just by the color of your eyes. This is why many people choose to experiment with colored contacts especially when it comes to giving their outfit a deeper impact.

It may sound ridiculous but when deciding to get your own pair of lenses even if they are free, you must have a doctor’s prescription. Lenses are considered medical devices and require a prescription from your doctor. This way, if damage is caused to your eyes, then it will be on your doctor’s account, but not having a prescription leaves you vulnerable to a terrible risk that can leave you blind, having no one to blame but yourself.

Now there are companies that will send you free colored contacts without a prescription, but the question you want to ask yourself is whether or not this is a safe idea. You are putting your eyes at risk to serious damage. Do you really want to walk around not being able to see because you were too lazy to go and get a prescription from your doctor?

Many people make the sad assumption that just because they don’t need corrective lenses means they can just go online and get a pair of lenses easily. Well, in most cases it is not that easy. All lenses whether they are free, corrective, cosmetic, Halloween lenses, etc. must be fitted by an eye care professional. Otherwise you run the risk of getting a pair that slides all over your eyes causing blurred vision and irritation. It sounds ridiculous but if you end up with a pair of low quality colored lenses, the feel of them will make you regret blowing off your eye exam.

You’ll find that some people ignore this warning and wear their colored lenses anyway because of the way they look. They walk around baring the discomfort, and then eventually they end up with more serious eye problems. Next thing you know, their wearing corrective glasses because they can no longer wear any form of contact lenses in their eyes all because they didn’t get a prescription for their lenses. It’s your eyes and you can decide what is best for you. So, now you have to decide which one you value most, your eyes, or a pair of free low quality lenses that can damage your eyes for the rest of your life?

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