Futuristic Contact Lenses

Scientists are working on creating new, advanced contacts that will not only allow you to see, but turn you into a semi-cybernetic futuristic warrior! That’s right.. contacts with a “heads-up display” with information that will feed right into your eyes like a computer screen are already in development. Call you friend, get directions, receive any information without you worrying about looking a phone or being distracted. The possibilities are endless!!

Imagine the future now, beauty (colors), sight (vision), and technology (information) all in these tiny, thin pieces of plastic that go right into your eye. This is science fiction material just half a century ago! We have come a long way!

Check out the synopsis here:

“EYES can reveal an awful lot about somebody. Look into someone’s eyes and you can tell if he is happy or sad, truthful or insincere, sober or drunk. By peering deeper still, ophthalmologists are even able to gauge a person’s health, spotting far more than just conditions that affect the eye itself: hypertension and brain tumours can also be diagnosed by examining the retina. Eyes are in many respects windows on the body, even if they are not quite windows on the soul.

And now contact lenses, normally used to bring the outside world into focus, are making it possible to peer back in through these windows. The idea of “smart” contact lenses that can superimpose information on the wearer’s field of view has been around for a while, but contact lenses are also being developed that use embedded sensors and electronics to monitor disease and dispense drugs. Such devices may eventually be able to measure the level of cholesterol or alcohol in your blood and flash up an appropriate warning.”

The rest of the article can be found here at the Economist.

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