Contact Lenses Rebates and Promo Codes

Here is a list of the manufacturers of colored contact lenses along with a list of colors that they make - see coupon list below. We’re also providing links to their websites showing where you can get a free colored contacts sample of each brand. Yes, free sample contact lenses (trial pairs of contacts) are available. Check out below for contact lenses rebates and promo codes

Air Optix for Astigmatism Free Trial / Air Optix Coupon

If you want to get an Air Optix for astigmatism free trial, then it’s a good idea to get them. This is because when you get toric contact lenses, you may need to go through several trial pairs before they work perfectly for you. There’s a small weight at the bottom to help the lenses stay in place and if it’s not in the right place, then your vision may be a little blurry at times. Your eye doctor will help you get you a pair where the weight it set in the right place so that they stay aligned, in place and your vision is clear.

Air Optix Free Trial Pair

Get coupons for Air Optix contact lenses and see if they are the right brand of contacts for you. You won’t know until you try them and the sample lenses are free to get. With an Air Optix contact lens free trial coupon, you will be able to first try them before you buy them. The manufacturer, Ciba Vision, wants you to try their brand and see if you like them over other brands, so they hand out free trial coupons to anyone who asks for them.

  • Air Optix Free Trial (O2 Optix) (by Ciba Vision)

Contact Lenses Rebates & Offers

Here is our list of name brand contact lens rebates and contact lens manufacturers. These rebates are a great way to get discount contact lenses. Feel free to bookmark and link to this page which has a list of contacts for your future reference.

Acuvue Oasys Daily Disposable Johnson and Johnson
Acuvue Rebates (Rebate Forms) Johnson and Johnson
Acuvue Canada Daily Disposable Johnson and Johnson
Focus Dailies Daily Disposable Ciba Vision (Alcon)
Freshlook Colored Contacts Ciba Vision (Alcon)
Air Optix Daily Disposable Ciba Vision (Alcon)
SofLens Daily Disposable Bausch + Lomb
PureVision Multi-Focal Bausch + Lomb
CooperVision Daily Disposable CooperVision
Opti-Free Contact Lens Solution Alcon

Colored Contacts Without Prescription

People that are looking for colored contacts without prescription will need to know a few things before they place an order. Getting and buying them is fun but they may not be available in all areas. You can find non prescription colored contacts at many places but if you do, they’re just meant to be worn once or twice and only for a few hours at a time. Laws in the United States, England and Canada say that contact lenses – of any kind, can only be worn under the supervision of an optometrist. The way it works is that the retailer selling colored contacts needs to ask you for your prescription before they sell them to you.

Many people wear non corrective colored contact lenses for their Halloween costume or for a party or theatrical performance. These special effects contact lenses should also be worn with a prescription even if you are wearing them for just a short amount of time. Start off by making an appointment. When you go and see your eye doctor, they will measure your eyes and you will end up with a pair that fit your eyes well. That’s why you can wear them longer – they’ll feel more comfortable.

Free Contact Lens Samples

You can pretty easily get samples of contact lenses – regular or colored contacts. You just need to do a few things and then they will be sent to you in the mail – they will arrive in about a week or so. Sometimes you have to pay the shipping, so check the terms and conditions of each individual offer to make sure.

First, you should find and download the coupons / certificates / rebate offers that are available from the different contact lens manufacturers. You can find these on their websites and we have listed below for you – keep reading.

Second, you’ll bring those in to your eye doctor appointment that you’ll have to make. Contact lens manufacturers will only give you free contact lenses if you’ve been fitted for them by a licensed optometrist.

Third, after the appointment, you can order your trial contact lenses and they will arrive in the mail.

Fourth, try the different pairs and see which work the best for you. We have a sheet you can download to help you keep a brief log about your experiences with each type of sample contact lens that you try (Free Contact Lenses Evaluation Form). What you’re trying to do with this step is find out which brand you like the best and which feel the most comfortable in your eyes.

Save Money on Contact Lenses

There are a number of ways to save money on contact lenses. Some ideas come to mind:

  • Look for sales and special offers on contact lenses. Some retailers give out coupon codes every month or you can watch for ads in the newspaper.
  • If you have a health savings account (HSA), see if you can use that to pay for not only your contact lenses but also for your cleaning solution, lens cases and of course, your appointment. If you need vision correction, then you most likely will qualify, which saves you paying taxes on that money, which could be a savings of 30%.
  • Shop around. The Internet is great for finding specials. You can compare costs pretty easily just by surfing around a little. I saved $200 on contact lenses for astigmatism by going with an online retailer instead of through my eye doctor.

Contact Lens Special Offers and Coupon Codes / Promo Codes

Looks for these offers from certain contact lens retailers and you can save tons. The offers are always out there and they can get you some instant savings just for trying out a new seller of contact lenses.

Offers and Promo / Coupon Codes:

Up to $100 Acuvue contact lens rebate. See site for details. Expires 12/31/2012.

Up to $45 on Air Optix contact lenses. See site for details. Expires 7/31/2012.

Dailies contact lenses rebates.  See site for details.

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  1. I would love to try the night time air optic contacts, because I wear my glasses to bed at night so when I wake up i can see instantly.

  2. Do not like wearing my glasses to bed at night

  3. I haven’t tried these nighttime contact lenses yet. Air Optix has come out with some that stay moist. Usually the problem with wearing contact lenses to bed is that you wake up with them almost glued to your eyes and they’re not easy to take out. This is because all the moisture is gone. During the day, you are constantly blinking and moisturizing your eyes but that doesn’t happen when you sleep.

    If you do try them out, please let us know how they work. Since I have a high amount of astigmatism, I’m not able to use them. Get the free trials.

  4. I am interested in color lenses, but I understand not available in a mutlifocal lens.

  5. Yeah, multifocal (bifocal, etc.) colored contact lenses are either hard to find or they just are not available yet. We haven’t seen them up to this point. People might wonder if you could stack contact lenses up and put a plano colored contact on top of a multifocal contact lens and that’s just not a good idea. It really wouldn’t work. So you’re stuck either waiting or else getting non corrective colored contacts and glasses. Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment!

  6. iwant to try the honey colored ones I alsolike the ease order process that you have its been fun,& easy thank you.

  7. Unable to locate rebate form. Already purchaced 4 boxes of Air Optics Aqua. Please advise

  8. Could not find the downloadable/printable rebate form on any of your websites. Please clarify.

  9. Hi Carolyn, thanks for leaving a comment.

    Yes, we don’t have the forms here. We’re not the manufacturer of contact lenses. We do, however, explain how to get rebates on some contacts or even get contact lenses for free. Our articles explain how you need to go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers and we’ve even given links to get there. If you do that, you can find out which rebates are currently available. They do change from time to time. Enjoy!

  10. I have tryed several times to print the coupon for the free trial with no sucess. can it be e mailed to me.

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