Free Contact Lens Trial

What’s great about the Web and Internet is that you can find your free contact lens trial online. All the information and forms you need can be found there. Yes, soon enough you’ll be enjoying trial contact lenses. The process is simple but there are a few steps and things you need to know. This article will go over those things for you.

Free Contact Lens Trial

I think it’s always good to try things before you buy them – whenever possible. People love free samples and the contact lens companies also know that one good way to get their contact lenses into the hands of their customers is to give them free trial contacts. It makes a lot of sense. You get to try them and see how they work for you. And once one brand does this, the others need to also do it if they want the business. So the industry is competitive, which works out in your favor. There is no reason not to ask for free trial contact lenses.

Free Trial Contact Lenses

You can get free trial prescription contact lenses pretty easily by going to the contact lens manufacturers’ websites. When you get there, you will go to their free trial contact lenses offer. You will then either fill out a form online or download a form to print and fill out. Be sure to read the details of each offer. With some, you’ll need to pay shipping and with others, you’ll get a rebate later. In either case, just know that you’re getting free contact lenses and it’s worth it.

Free Trial Colored Contacts Without Prescription

An important thing to know about free trial contact lenses online is that you can’t just order them if you’ve never worn contacts before. There are a few reasons why. First, you need to get your eyes measured by an optometrist so that you order the correct base curve. Not everyone has the same shaped eyes, so that measurement is important so that you get a good fit. Otherwise, they could not fit right and you could get the sensation that something’s in your eye or they could dry out too quickly or even not focus how they should.

Second, if these contact lens manufacturers are committing to these contact lens trial offers, they want to make sure you get their best product. That means they need to fit you well so that they can work like they should. And then third, it’s the law. Contact lenses are considered to be medical devices, so get them, free or not, you will need to get a prescription.

Seeing your eye doctor is actually a good thing. The check up is quick, easy and it doesn’t hurt to get your eyes looked at. If there is a problem lurking, you could be catching it ahead of time, which is best for the health of your eyes.

What Site Can I Get Free Contact Lens Samples From?

The best websites to get free trials for contact lenses from is from the manufacturers. Go to the websites of Acuvue, Durasoft, Buasch & Lomb, Ciba Vision and try CooperVision as well. The reason that you’re able to get them is because these companies want you to try their contacts and then eventually buy their brand if you like them. It’s good advertising for them because it gets their product into your hands – or eyes, rather. Read the terms of each offer to make sure that the offer for free trial contacts includes free shipping.

How Long Does a Free Contact Lenses Trial Last?

Trial contact lenses are disposable contact lenses, so they usually last from a week to 30 days per pair. You should only use them for that amount of time and not any longer. When you’re done with them, throw them out. The nice thing about getting trial contact lenses online is that you can order them from several manufacturers and see which ones are the best for you. If you get 4-5 trials, then that’s up to 5 months where you don’t have to pay for contacts. You’re saving money!

Are Trial Sample Contact Lenses as Good as the Ones you Buy?

Yes, and that’s kind of the point. They want you to try the same ones that they want you to buy. If you like them, you’ll buy them. If the sample lenses were different and you liked them and then bought them and they were different, you might not buy them again and they would have wasted their time and money giving you the samples ones that were not the same. So they have no reason to make different contact lenses to hand out – meaning, ones that are cheaper or even ones that are better. That just doesn’t happen.

Sign Up for Free Trial Contact Lenses

Go download the forms now from the websites of contact lens manufacturers. Follow the instructions there. Like we said, most will require that you go see an eye doctor and get your eyes checked so that you end up with contact lenses that will fit your eyes.

Conclusion – Free Contact Lenses Samples by Mail

People are asking us how to get there free contact lens trial. Here it is:

You can get trial contact lenses offers by searching for contact lens manufacturers online and then take advantage of the contact lens trial offers that they make available to you. They are there on their websites (not here). Download the forms and get the coupons/certificates for the offers or rebates.

You then either need to have an up to date prescription or you can go into the optical department of a local department store and set up an appointment to get your eyes checked and be fitted for contacts. Turn in your coupons there and they can either give them to you or place an order for you which has them sent to your house – usually for free (no shipping costs). Test them out, one by one.

With the advice here, you can now go get free contacts and rebates.

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  2. is this true???

  3. Yes, it is easy to get a pair of free trial contact lenses. Just follow the steps here and you will get them.

  4. if this works then that would be wicked!!!!!!

  5. It’ll work! Lot of people get a free contact lens trial every day. They will arrive in the mail shortly if you follow what we’ve written here.

  6. what about if you have brown eyes, could you get blue coloured contacts?

  7. hey im lynell,and i was looking at your guyses contacs and i was looking foward to try some of your free lenses.


  9. Yes, please follow what we say here in order to get free trials of eye contacts. You will want to get opaque colored contact lenses since those will cover the natural color of your eyes if you want your eye color to be lighter. The enhancement type of colored contact lenses are for people with lighter colored eyes already that want to blend their natural color with another color. So go for the opaques.

  10. omg i have been looking to try out colored contacts if this is true i would love to try some.

  11. Yes, there are free samples of colored contact lenses as well. You will need to follow the same process as for regular contact lenses. We do not distribute them here – as the articles on this website state, you need to visit the websites of contact lens manufacturers. Enjoy!

  12. I need some free color contacts len plz light brown

  13. Yes, to get light brown colored contact lenses, go to the websites of colored contact lens manufacturers and fill out their forms for free trial lenses. It’s that easy – enjoy them!

  14. i want a free trial pair in blue please

  15. Hi Leslie! Yes blue colored contacts are a great choice! All you have to do is what we say and go to the websites of colored contact lens manufacturers. You will find the forms there to fill out. Have fun!

  16. I need to try a pair of white contacts for an ongoing production. I’ve tried others and they just don’t feel right.i’m willing to purchase many more if these work.

  17. If you want the white out contact lenses used for productions (not for normal use since they almost completely block out vision), then your best bet is to get fitted for them. Go to an eye doctor, tell them what you want, get the prescription and then order good ones that are made for your eyes. Also, don’t share them with anyone else.

    And then submit the video here so that we can see them!

  18. i have been fitted for the colored contact but when i try to see if i can get sime for free but they will not let me.

  19. How to get a trail

  20. You can get a free trial of contact lenses by doing what the article says… simply find the offers and complete them. Most will require a visit to your eye doctor if your prescription is not up to date.

  21. can you guys just give me the exact website? im having trouble finding what im looking for

  22. Go to websites like Acuvue, Freshlook and others. You will find the trial contact lens offers there and you will receive your free contact lenses shortly if you follow the terms and conditions of those offers.

  23. i need some colourd contacts!!

  24. would love to try them out

  25. You can get trial contact lenses pretty easily. Just do what we say here. Go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers, find their offers for the free trial lenses, fill out the form there online, print it up and check out the terms and conditions. In most cases, you can get them with free shipping. Also, you may need to take the form in to your local eye doctor so that you get fit for them and get the right vision strength. Once you do that, you’ll have an updated prescription which you can use to take advantage of all these offers very easily. We suggest first filling out and downloading the forms from as many manufacturers as you can so that you get get lots of free samples and then be able to compare them so see which ones you like the best.

  26. i would like to try a free trial of contacts a green pair please. thank you and i have a presciption

  27. Great. If you already have a valid contact lens prescription, then it’s pretty easy. Just go to the websites of contact lens makers like Acuvue and find their offers for free trial contact lenses. You can do this with other manufacturers as well. Get as many as you can so that you can compare them.


  29. I would like to try green contacts

  30. Good. Green contact lenses are great – especially for people with dark skin or for people who tan easily – heck, even if you have very light skin, green contact lenses look great. It’s a great color of contact lens to choose. To try green contact lenses, you’ll need to go to websites like those of Acuvue Colours and FreshLook Colors and click on the links for their free colored contact lens trial offers. Just go through what they say and pretty soon, they will arrive in the mail.

  31. looking for sample of these contact

  32. Would like to try a light gray pair

  33. To try some light gray contact lenses is easy. Go to the website of colored contact lens manufacturers and look for their free contact lens trial offers. There, you will fill out the form where you request the sample contact lenses. Each offer differs slightly, so read the terms. Usually what you can do is just take the coupon in that you get after submitting the form to your eye doctor and then they will order them for you. The contact lenses are free and will arrive in the mail or the doctor may have some free samples there but you will have to pay for the eye exam.

  34. i would like a pair of toric brown and honey before i order some with my prescription.

  35. Finding toric colored contact lenses is not easy. We’ll tell you that. They are out there but it will depend on the amount of astigmatism you have. I happen to have pretty extreme astigmatism and am just glad that there are contact lenses available for my astigmatism – there’s really just 1-2 brands that work for me. It will take quite a while before there are colored contact lenses available for me.

    Some people use plano contact lenses (no vision correction) and still wear their glasses for their vision. People won’t see your eye color as much but it’s an idea in case you cannot find suitable toric lenses.

  36. hi, i want some colour contacts i wanna try them on before buy one to make sure if it’s the right one for me or not

  37. Good. You should first try colored contacts to see if you can find the right color. Most likely, you will. Download the trial lenses forms from the manufacturers of colored contacts and then follow the instructions. In some areas, you’ll probably need to see an eye doctor for a fitting even if you don’t need any vision correction.

  38. I want to try out your contact lenses. Pls send one for me. i want to try to brown and blue one or any of it. thank you very much.

  39. i want to try the contact lenses before buying it.

  40. hi!!!i want to try this!!!plsss

  41. I would like to sample a free pair of colored contact lenses

  42. i would like to try a free sample of your colored contact lenses in blue or green the more intense to color the better thank you

  43. Hi Erica, if you want free samples of colored contacts to try, the process is simple. Go to the contact lens company websites out there. From there, you can choose the color your want and fill out their online forms to get the sample trial lenses sent to you. Have fun!


  45. if it’s possible then i would like to try the free sample of colored cosmetic contact lenses.

  46. Yes, purple or green colored contacts can be fun to wear. You can get quite a reaction from people with the purple ones. To get them, you have to follow a few, simple steps. First go to the websites of the companies that make these kinds of contact lenses. Companies like Freshlook Colorblends or Acuvue Colours will have forms at their websites that you fill out and then you can download a coupon or certificate. Read the terms and conditions of that certificate and then you can get them.

  47. Hi I’m julianna and I’m a dancer. I have many different looks for all of my outfits that I wear for the music videos that I do. And I wanted to start wearing colored eye contacts. Myneyes are blue but the same blue is annoying and I would like to try your contacts to see what fits my eyes correctly and comfterbly.

  48. Good idea – try a different blue in your eyes to see how they will look. To get the best fit so that they are comfortable in your eyes, it’s best to go see an eye doctor so that they can take measurements and get you the right ones. Especially with dancing, you definitely don’t need a distraction like uncomfortable contact lenses in your eyes.

  49. i wanna get a free trial pair of contact lens but i dont wear glasses or contacts now because i dont need them. i want a free non prescription pair for only color changing perpuses…. how do i get them? i want royal blue

  50. I wonder is this true???

  51. I wonder is dis true???

  52. hi i would love a pair of grey contacts to spice up my love life

  53. hey can u send me a free pair of hazel contacts

  54. Hi Nikki, thanks for the note.

    We cannot send them but that’s just because we don’t make them. Go to websites like Acuvue Colours or Freshlook Colorblends and find the offers for free hazel contact lenses there. With trial colored contact lenses, you’re able to sample many different colors, so try some other colors, too!

  55. i would like to try your contact lenses for what we have here in our country are not that so southing to my eye it makes me irritatated

  56. where do i go to get them i dont see no free trial

  57. Hi Amara,

    Thanks for the message. This page does explain how to find the offers for free contact lenses but we’ll explain it one more time for you so that it’s clear.

    It’s simple. Go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers like Acuvue, CooperVision, Ciba Vision and others. Find their offers for free trial contact lenses and then fill out the form. Download the certificate / coupon, print it out and then do what it says. Either your lenses will arrive in the mail or you may have to take that printout to your local eye doctor.

  58. I will like to try the hazel ones

  59. I would love hazel contact

  60. i cant figure out how to order the non perscription colored contacts

  61. Hi Austin,

    They’re easy to order and we explain how to do it on the website pretty well. Go to the websites of the companies that manufacture contact lenses and look for their offers for free contact lens trials there. Get all that you can! Enjoy!

  62. so how do we actual sign up for the free contacts?

  63. i want some hazel contacts but how we do it

  64. How do i get free colored contacts by mail ! :/

  65. Like we say here already, you just go to the websites of the companies that make contact lenses and the free trials are there. Enjoy!

  66. what is the website called for free contact lenses

  67. i would love some color contacts. too be exact. i want one green pair and one red pair. i want it to be free to. k thanks

  68. Good! Colored contacts are fun. To get them, just do what we say here. Go to the websites of companies that offer color contact lenses and fill out their forms there (we don’t provide them – we just explain how you can get them). Enjoy!

  69. Thanks for stopping by, Ruby! This website explains how you get free contact lenses. That’s our goal. There is a lot of confusion out there and we provide literally hundreds of articles here explaining how to get trial contacts since they are available for anyone to get. As we explain, you can get free contacts from the websites of companies that manufacture them.

  70. Would like info on getting free contacts samples in Canada Please!

  71. I want to try your free color contact lenses….i would a hazel please:)

  72. i would love to try either hazel or ice colored free nonprescription contacts please!!!!

  73. Hi Chrissy,

    Thanks for stopping by. Ice colored contact lenses sound like a good choice. If you get them, send us a picture so that we can post it here. Just follow the steps we list here on how to get free colored contact lenses and you’ll get them. Enjoy!

  74. I blog often and I truly appreciate your information. Your article has really peaked my interest. I will bookmark your site and keep checking for new information about once a week. I opted in for your RSS feed too.

  75. How do you get more than one sample from the doctor? Do they allow you to use more than one free trial offer?

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