Free Colored Contacts Sample by Mail

Changing your eye color using colored contacts without prescription is not a big deal and people have been doing it for years! You’ve probably met a number of people that are using colored contacts and you probably don’t even know it. If you are also interested in trying them different eye colors, find out how to get your free colored contacts sample by mail!

To get free color contacts by mail, you’re going to need to do a few things and this article will explain how to do it. The steps to getting free trial lenses are pretty easy and soon enough, you’ll get your free sample of color contacts delivered to you in the mail, even from brands like Acuvue. Plus, getting free contact lenses is the perfect way to try out several, different brands to see which brand you prefer.

How to Find Free Colored Contacts Sample by Mail

First, you should look for the free trial colored contacts offers. How this works is, the manufacturers of contact lenses decided that it’s much better for you to actually get their product in your hands and let you try it than do all kinds of advertising everywhere. That want to hand out a free contacts sample to anyone who asks. They get a lot more people ordering their contact lenses this way. Also, once one major brand does this, they all kind of have to follow suit. You find these color contact lens offers either by finding links on the web or going right to their websites. Some of the major manufacturers of color contact lenses are Acuvue 2 Colors, Freshlook Colors and Durasoft Colors.

Cheap Colored Contacts?

You only want to get colored contact lenses made by the best manufacturers. If you somehow find some cheap colored contacts on a website, you should stay away from them. They could very well be made with inferior materials that could even harm your eyes. As with about anything in life, you get what you pay for. So if you order cheap colored contacts, you’re going to get just that – cheap colored contacts. You only have one set of eyes and if you hurt them, there’s really no getting new ones. Don’t gamble on cheap contact lenses.

See an Optometrist

The next thing you need to do may sound a little strange. Even though you may not need vision correction, you still need to see an optometrist. They will give your eyes a quick check and then measure your eyes so that you get the right fit. At the end, you will walk out with a prescription for non corrective colored contacts lenses. You do need a prescription since contact lenses are considered medical devices – by law. It’s good to do, though. You can get a good eye exam for less money at an optical department of a chain department store. They do a good job there.

Choose Colors for Sample Contact Lenses

Probably the part that’s the most fun colored contacts fo is choosing colors. You can order free trial colored contacts from different manufacturers, so you should pick a different color from each one to see which color you like the best. If you have lightly colored eyes, you can use what are called color enhancer contact lenses. They let some of your natural eye color through.

If you have dark colored eyes, then you will need opaque lenses. These totally block out the natural color of your eyes. If you get the kind that don’t cover up your natural color, then they might not look very good and you will not see the color change. So get opaque colored contacts for dark eyes and you’ll be set! Another option are hazel contacts or green contacts.

Place Your Order for Free Colored Contacts without Prescription by Mail


Send Me a Free Trial Contact Lenses!

Once you have gone to the eye doctor and you have your downloaded offers or certificates for free colored contacts, you can place your order for free contacts by mail. Some offers are in the form of a rebate while others have you just pay for shipping. See each offer for the exact details.

You will find that you can get most offers with free shipping. This makes them totally free samples of contacts. Within days, you will get your free colored contacts sample by mail.

If you do look at a lot of the offers that are out there (which is good to do – get lots of samples), then finding no cost color contacts with free shipping is exactly the ones you want to get. If they are giving away free trials, then why would you have to pay to get them shipped to your house?

Evaluate Each Brand of Sample Colored Contacts / Free Eye Contacts Samples

You should use only one brand at a time even though you may be tempted to try a different one each day. There are a few reasons for this. First, each one will only be good for a certain amount of days. Once you open them up, the timer is ticking pretty much. You’ll need to throw them out after the 30 days or so that they’re made for and you do not want to use them in your eyes after that.

mail-delivery2Second, to really get a good feel for each brand, you want to use them for a consecutive amount of days. If you haven’t worn contacts before, your eyes are at first going to have to get used to wearing them. Each brand may work differently for you. Take notes so that you can easily remember how the first brand felt after you’re done with your final set of trial contact lenses / eye contact samples. We have a contact lens evaluation form here on our website which you can download and print. It will help you choose the best brand for you.

How to Get Free Contact Lenses Mailed to You

If you are still wondering how to how to get free contact lenses mailed to your house, then we’ll simply spell it out for you:

  • First, go to the websites of contact lens companies (see below)
  • Second, click on the links you find there for free contact lens samples or trials.
  • Third, fill out the form.
  • Fourth, print out the page you get after filling out the form and follow the instructions there.

In nearly all cases, you’ll need to take that to a local eye doctor so that you can get fitted for contacts. The eye doctor will then send in the forms for you (and then they will be sent to your home) or else they might even have the free samples there in their office to give to you. That’s it! :-)

Contact Lens Company Websites for Free Trials

Acuvue 2 Colored Contacts

Freshlook Color Contact Lenses

Again, changing the color of your eyes is fun. There are a lot of colors to choose from and you can even get colored contact lenses and free color contacts by mail that match your outfit. You can wear them just when you go out at night. It’s up to you.Summary – Colored Contacts

You can get free, trial lenses if you currently wear contacts or not. If you do not, then you will need to make a quick appointment at an eye doctor to get the right fit and a prescription. You can then place your order and they will arrive in the mail. Evaluate each pair separately and once you know which color and brand you like the best, you can place your order knowing that you’ve made the best decision. Come back and let us know how it went!

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  1. i would really love to try a pair of your free samples of color contacts please

  2. i love contacts

  3. Actually colored contacts are a huge thing now…It’s a big fashion statement now and I’ve never had a pair but I want some

  4. thank you

  5. i’ve tried to wear glasses but they just aren’t me and i really want contact lenses and i’m very interested in colored contacts.

  6. i need samples of clolored contact asap

  7. never have used colour contacts before and would like to try a new look

  8. Good, you should! Tell us how it went!

  9. i dont know how to get free samples

  10. You can get free colored contacts samples pretty easily. First, find the special offer coupons for contact lenses. They’re at the major contact lens manufacturers’ websites. Download and print them. Next, make an appointment at a local optometrist and ask that you get fitted for colored contact lenses. Then, at your appointment, you will end up with a fitting (prescription) for your lenses and you can then place your order for your free contacts samples – right there at the eye doctor’s office. They will arrive in the mail shortly.

  11. how do i get my same of color contacts please let me know

  12. To get a free sample of contact lenses, just do what this article says. Find the offers, fill them out, make an appointment with your eye doctor, bring in the the offers with you and then they will place the order. The sample contacts will arrive in about a week. You will have to pay for the appointment with the optometrist.

  13. hey i wanted to try the free contact lenses but color ones

  14. i cant order contacts online? i have to be fitted for them? i just want to try a pair of colored ones to see if i like them

  15. i really need these free sample color contact lenses i just wont to try them for free

  16. Is there any site that i can just order the lenses without shipping or buying them? I want these absolutely free.

  17. Once you get your eye exam, you can get them for free. Since it’s the law that you need to get fitted for them (since they are considered to be medical devices), you need to first get a prescription. Once you have the prescription, contact lens manufacturers will send you free samples of colored contact lenses.

  18. Yes, a fitting is required unfortunately. It’s the law. Once you do get the exam and the fitting, they will work better for you since not everyone has the same shape of eyes.

  19. Do they damage your eyes?

  20. o man i would love to have a free sample i have alwayeds wanted to try out some colored lens im so sick of my brown eyes and hearing the vrase your so full of sh– so please send me free trial contacts lens id love to have a set of blue or maby purple anything but green or brown or even black what ever sample color is free well cant bet that so yes i would so love a pair and thanks for the oppurtunitty

  21. If you want to change your eyes from brown to blue or another color, then you can. Simply follow the steps in this article and you will get a pair of free sample colored contacts in the mail. Enjoy!

  22. If you get name brand color contact lenses, then they are made with quality materials and paints. They should not damage your eyes. If you go and get cheap colored contact lenses from retailers and manufacturers outside of the USA (not governed by the FDA), then you are certainly taking your chances. Some colored contact lenses made with cheap (and toxic) paints have been known to damage people’s eyes and vision. Make the right choice.

  23. okay , im interested and how do i get these in the mail? where does it ask me for my adress? im confuzed..please help.

  24. hey how do i get them?

  25. To get free sample contact lenses by mail, you will need to go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers (Acuvue, Freshlook, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision and others), then fill out the forms there once you click on the link that sends you to the free trial contact lens page. Do what those forms say. In most cases, they will need to see your updated contact lens prescription – it cannot be more than a year old. You may need to take the form in to your eye doctor, which you can do when you have your annual appointment to get your eyes checked. They will take care of submitting it and your contacts will arrive in the mail shortly after that or else they can give them to you right at the doctor’s office.

  26. whats the website adress?

  27. I love colored contacts there just to much

  28. Colored contact lenses aren’t really that expensive but that’s relative, of course. Some people are fine with spending an extra $20-30 per month on things to enhance their appearance. It’s up to you and your budget.

  29. Go to websites like Acuvue, FreshLook, Ciba Vision and other to find the free sample contact lens offers.

  30. hi i am 13 going on 14 in a few months can i get free color contact lenses in black or gold and if i can please email me where and how

  31. Good idea for contact lens colors. You might need to get your parents to get them for you but if you have a current contact lens prescription, then it should be no problem. Just do what we say and go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers. Since they make them, they are the ones giving out the free samples by mail. Try it, it works.

  32. Can i take multiple free contact offers to the eye doctors office at the same time?

  33. Yes, and it’s a good idea to do this. By sampling all the different brands and contact lens offers out there, you’re going to see how each brand works for your eyes. Some people prefer one brand while others might like another brand even more. The great thing is that you’re also saving money on contact lenses since all these samples are free.

    Typically, you can just get one free sample per company / manufacturer out there. As long as you’re going in for an appointment to get your vision checked, it just makes sense to get as many free contact lens sample offers as you can.

  34. how long does it take to recieve you color contacts if u order them onilne?

  35. How long it takes to receive contact lenses in the mail will depend on the manufacturer. It usually takes a week or two.

  36. im a boy not gay but i just want to try out some hazel and baby blue contacts for a cuple of days

  37. Yeah, guys can wear colored contact lenses and it doesn’t make them gay. Even though girls buy and wear them more, there are plenty of guys that wear them.

    Do what we say here and get the sample lenses and try them out for a few days. Be sure to take care of them like you would for normal contact lenses. This means, you will need to pick up a contact lens case (sometimes they provide this) and some contact lens cleaning solution – not just saline solution. Rub them in the case with the cleaning solution to make sure they get clean.


  39. It might take longer than 2 days, sorry. Also, we don’t carry them. I know it’s a little confusing but the process is really pretty simple.

    Go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers and fill out the forms there for the free colored contact lens samples or trial offers. Then just follow what the terms of the offer are. They can sometimes send them right to you or usually you would have to see an eye doctor for a fitting first if you want to get the free lenses.

  40. ok what is the website then that i can do this

  41. Can you get colored contacts with out a perscription? Also, with it for free?

  42. My mom is going to get me contacts, i courrently have glasses, but i keep “breaking” them, i was wondering if i could get the free smple without having to fill out the form. My mom wants me to try out witch color without having to have them perscribed….. please and thank you (: write back as soon as possible!!!!

  43. Hi Tay,

    If you live in the US, then unfortunately you will probably need a prescription in order to get any kind of contact lenses – especially the free ones. Also, a prescription for glasses does not translate or there’s no way to convert it to a prescription for contact lenses. You can’t just order contact lenses based on your eyeglass prescription. You also can’t guess at what it might be. They have to be fitted for you and for that, you have to see an eye doctor.

    We suggest going to one at a local department store. A place like Sears or JC Penny has eye doctors. Sometimes they run specials, too. Right now, you might be able to find a back to school type sale where eye exams are cheaper. They’ll give you an exam and show you how to use contact lenses, which is also very important. After the exam, you will be able to get in on the offers for free trial contact lenses very easily. In fact, you can go to the websites of contact lens companies now and print out all the forms since you’ll have to take those into your eye doctor anyway. That way, you’ll have them all ready and they can order them for you after your exam.

    Pretty soon, sample / trial pairs will arrive in the mail to your house. So your only big cost to start off with is the exam, which might run you $80-100. You’ll get to try different brands. Don’t try them all at once but use each pair for 30 days (or however long it says to use them) and you’ll have free contacts for a few months. At that time, you can decide if you want to continue wearing them or not. Good luck!

  44. how can i get free colored contacts by mail?

  45. Hi Demetria, thanks for the note. We do explain here pretty clearly how to get free colored contacts by mail. Please look this page over and then let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

  46. Please send the free contact

  47. thanx for the info when you get your contacts mailed does it come with a case or do you have to buy it

  48. Does a case come with it??

  49. Most companies will send you a case. Make sure you have one. You can find them at grocery stores or drug stores for just a few bucks if you do need one. Get some good cleaning solution, too (not just saline solution).

  50. Hi i own a childrens birthday party company we do alot of dressing up in costumes which at times requires me to change my eye color i have dark brown eyes and at times i ned to change my eye color ti suite my costume i do not wear glasses i my vision is perfect i would like some free samples of blue and green contacts so i can try them and get a feel for them thank you. Milagros Lopez

  51. Hi Milagros,

    Yes, colored contact lenses for costumes is a great idea. They really make a good final touch and they complete the look. It’s more dramatic.

    You can get costume colored contacts or else (what it looks like you’re after), just some blue or green free colored contacts. To get them, go to the websites of companies that make them and go to their forms/links there for their free colored contact lens samples. Some good ones are Freshlook Colorblends and Acuvue Colours. Enjoy!

  52. Can you seed me some puple ones

  53. Hello there, i am looking for some free samples of coloured contacts. I have perfect vision and i would like some blue and green contacts to try out. thanks ! this would be greaat !

  54. Hi Taylor, yes – just go to the websites of colored contact lens manufacturers and click on the links there for the free sample lenses or trial contact lenses.

  55. Every link I click on just goes to another similar page with links.

    Complete bull.

  56. Hi Serg,

    I’m sorry if you don’t understand the process to get free sample contact lenses. We outline it pretty clearly throughout the website. You do have to read the articles we have posted here. It’s very clear that you have to get them from the companies that make them. We’re not a contact lens manufacturer – we’re just telling you about the process about how to get free trial contact lenses. Go to the websites of contact lens companies and do take advantage of their offers there. You will get your free contacts if you simply follow this process. Enjoy!

  57. ummm are they real

  58. How can I get free hazel contacts non precription

  59. Hi Miranda, our home page explains how to get any kind of contact lens for free. The websites to go to are listed there.

  60. quero muito ganhar lentes coloridas por favor!!!

  61. Hi I was wondering if I could get a pair if coloured contacts before the end of January because it’s my birthday and I need them for my birthday bash. Please and thank you

  62. Hello this is Elizabeth and your website is amazing and I am actually considering trying out these contacts if so could the color be blue. I have recremended this website to my friends. Thank you

  63. I really want to get some because I’ve tried different glasses but nothing suits my face shape. I’d rather not wear glasses that’s why I want a pair of contacts. Plus, it’s fashionable.

  64. Hi Sofia, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Wearing contacts can be more fashionable or maybe you just want to change up your look once in a while. I think it’s fun to switch to contacts and see if people recognize you or not. Some might not. It could be really fun. Order some free sample lenses and see how they work for you. You will get used to putting them in and taking them out after a little while. It gets easier. Enjoy!

  65. how do i get a free pair of green colored contacts none precrip..??? plz n thank u..

  66. Hi Cara,

    If you live in the United States, Canada or UK, you will need a prescription to get any kind of contact lenses – even colored ones like green ones. In our book, we do list another way to get them without a prescription. Thanks.

  67. i live in Ripley TN

  68. Good lord what a bunch of mouthbreathers… can’t you people READ?

  69. send me some all black ones please to make my whole eye black please.

  70. Pleasecgive me some blue and red ones

  71. hi im senah n I was wondering when and how I can get some free colored eye contacts

  72. I would love to try your free samples of colored contact lenses please c=

  73. i want blue ones please

  74. I would love a free pair please. I want to try something new

  75. I would like to try your free samples

  76. Please Send me free sample. I have dark brown eyes and everyone is telling me that blue will not cover my natural color. Hope this works. Going to eye dr in a couple days!

  77. i wamma , to try those colored lenses ,sand me free sample color honey or hazuelbrown

  78. I would live some bule contact

  79. I wonder how you can get free colored contact lenses without having to pay for them. I have never wore them before and I would like to try them. Any advice?

  80. I never wore contacts before and I would like to. Is there any way I could get them for free without having to pay anything?

  81. Id really like to change my eye color, Im totally sick of dark brown eyes, its time for a change, maybe turquoise or green, heck, maybe even baby blue anything but dark brown.

  82. Um so if i follow the link i can get a free 1 day pack?

  83. Hello There. I found your weblog the use of msn. This is a very neatly written article.
    I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read
    extra of your helpful information. Thank you for the post.
    I will certainly return.

  84. I need this I have to go to school and I don’t want to go to school looking boring :-) <3

  85. i would love to try a free pair of the colored contacts a pair of the blue ones please

  86. Could you send me a free lens i would like turquoise or whit but you do have that i would love blue


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