Contacts Without a Doctor’s Prescription

Getting Contacts Without a Doctor’s Prescription Can Save You Time and Money If You Qualify

Many people in the world cannot see well enough to do their daily tasks. This is either because the people have bad eyesight, or because they do not wear their prescription contacts or glasses. Nothing is worse than knowing that you have terrible vision. This feeling causes you to be sad when you can’t see your friends and family, but also when it carries over to work. This is why people that refuse to wear glasses for whatever reason must always be sure that they have a pair of contacts that they can wear instead. Contacts are much easier to take care of for people who hate having something sitting on their face.

When you chose to purchase contacts without a doctor’s prescription on the Internet, you are going to see lots of positive feedback. These contacts are normally nominally cheaper than the contact lenses that you are going to get from a general store or from eye doctors. This is because eye doctors and warehouse type stores are notorious for overpricing their contacts. Other reason that general stores are more expensive is because they have to make up for wages that are lost through other things. When you buy contacts without a doctor’s prescription you won’t be bearing this large burden that has nothing to do with you.

Another reason that people need to always buy contacts without a doctor’s prescription on the Internet is because when you do you will never be coerced into taking yet another expensive eye exam. An online source does not focus on trying to milk more money out of their customers; they are trying to help those who may not have the resources to order contacts. Normally, when a contact prescription expires, a person is totally unable to buy any more contacts. This is not so on the Internet, as the retailers there do not check for the prescription.

Colored Contacts No Prescription

When you buy contacts with no prescription on the Internet you will also more than likely be able to buy colored contacts for a much cheaper price. Many people enjoy having colored prescription contacts instead of just plain clear contacts. These can brighten the eyes and face of the person wearing them, while fixing their vision, a dual purpose buy. Nothing is wrong with spending a bit of extra money in order to feel better about how you look. However, when you get contacts without a doctor’s prescription you will be paying a nominally cheaper price. You will never have to deal with annoying phone calls about a new eye exam either. This is why it is so important to get contacts online without a doctor’s prescription instead of at another bigger retail store.

Should You See an Eye Doctor?

Can I Get Free Eye Contacts Without Going to a Doctor?

If you think about it, it does make good sense to see an eye doctor and get a prescription. Hear us out.

People will see better with contact lenses if they need vision correction. The only way to know how much correction you need and what kind, you need to see an optometrist. They will check your eyes, give you a vision test and then provide you with the correct prescription that not only makes your vision better but ensures that the lenses fit well on your eyes.

If you do not need vision correction and just want colored contacts, then you can find them without a prescription but is it legal? It depends. For countries with laws that say that any kind of contact lens needs a prescription – like the US, UK and Canada, you will have a more difficult time getting them. Finding retailers offshore is your best bet there. But do you want to trust your eyes to a company like this – one that will not ask for a prescription? That’s up to you. We would say you should go through a qualified eye care professional.

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