Color Contacts Without Prescription for Dark Eyes

Non Prescription Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Colored contacts without prescription for dark eyes will give you a most striking look. You can transform your whole look with them and it’s fun. You don’t need a prescription for them but you still have to go and get an eye exam. You need to make sure they are fitted properly to your eyes and that you can wear them.

Cosmetic Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Cosmetic contact lenses for dark eyes will cover your entire dark eye color. With an array of subtle or bold hues. Depending on your mood, you can have blue, green, venus green and bella green. Many people with dark eyes dream of changing them to blue. It can make them feel sexy, wild and they are very popular.

Colored contacts come in visibility tints, enhancement tints and opaque color tints. Visibility tints are a light blue or green added to the lens. Enhancement tints just add a little darker tint. Color tints are deeper and can change the eye color completely.

You can choose the best color for your dark eyes from all that are available. There are also many colors on the market today besides blue and green – although green or hazel contact lenses can look really good with people that have dark colored skin. They enhance the natural eye color and make them look brighter. Sometimes we just want to enhance the beauty of dark eyes by using a royal blue, green and baby blue.

You can have a fresh new look everyday. You can change your eye color to match your wardrobe. This will make your personality come out and shine. People with dark eyes don’t have to be left out anymore. They have plenty of colors for us as well.

If you have dark skin and darker colored eyes, then changing your eye color to green or hazel can look really good on you. It’s a nice look and the green colored contacts will compliment your dark skin. If that’s you, then try it out. You may be surprised with the results and you may get some nice compliments from people on your looks.

You can buy colored contacts for dark eyes at Wal-Mart or any eye care center. You can also got online to websites to see what they have and compare prices. Even though you don’t need a corrective lens, you will still have to get a eye exam. They have to be fitted for your eye shape. You need to know how to care for them. What colors you may want.

Should I See My Eye Doctor?

Well, maybe. In most areas, you will need to get a prescription if you want to wear to wear any kind of contact lenses – even the kind that are non corrective. By doing this, you also get better fitting contact lenses because the eye doc will measure your eyes. Getting an appointment is pretty easy and painless, so many people are choosing to do this.

The bottom line is, getting colored contacts for brown eyes are beautiful. There is no limit to what we can do and change these days. Just think about what you can do to give yourself a new look.

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  1. I have dark eyes and I wear the FreshLook colorblends contacts. I have found these contact lenses the best colored contacts for dark eyes. They come in a variety of different colors but my fav are the brilliant blue ones!

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